• Add Direct Response To Get More Out Of Rich-Media Ads
    Many marketers struggle with creating cutting-edge ads that grab viewers' attention and drive ROI in a meaningful way. Companies that are getting the most out of their ad buys are using new methods to deeply engage consumers with creative rich-media ads that also incorporate direct-response elements. These do not have to be standalone strategies; each can play an important role in any comprehensive campaign. Depending on the marketer's objectives, rich-media campaigns can include features such as data collection, lead generation, printable coupons, targeted product and pricing information, and ticket or product purchasing directly within banner ads, shortening the path to ...
  • What Do I do With These Leads Now?
    So, now that you have gone out and spent your advertising dollars on buying leads, what do you do with them now? As a person in charge of getting the leads, I have become extremely frustrated with the fact that so many of my buyers are strategically impaired. They know that it is good to have these names, but they have no strategy on how to turn these names into actual buying customers.