Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for December 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019
Machine-To-Machine Everything Influences Search In 2020
Ad Threats Becoming Massive Data Security Problem
Acquisitions Of The Past Decade Will Influence Advertising, Diversity In 2020
The Year Ahead: The Rise Of Voice-Enabled News, Media Consolidation And More Partnerships
Optimizing For Audio Content, Podcasts
Alphabet To Give Up 'Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich'
U.S. Companies Still Struggling To Comply With CCPA
Shoppable Video Promises New Brand Opportunities
What Psssst You Off In 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 30, 2019
What You Read: The 'Search Insider' Top 10 In 2019
TikTok Parent In Legal Battle With Baidu Over Search
'Truth' In Advertising Struggles As Platforms Twitter, Spotify Reject Political Ads
Spotify Suspends Political Ads In 2020
Cyber Monday Taking A Backseat To Overall Online Sales
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 27, 2019
Google: Suggestions To Transition Websites Into 2020
Google Patent Describes How Virtual Assistants Show Empathy
Amazon Closes Out 2019 By Giving Advertisers Tactical Campaign Advice
Marketers Face Challenges With MTA Media Tracking
Best Search Patents From 2019
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019
Italy's New Tax Hits B2B Transactions Like Online Advertising
Ecommerce Holiday Haul: Sales Grew By Double Digits
Holiday Update: Sales Rise 3.4%, Amazon Claims Alexa Blowout
Interpublic-Sponsored Study Finds Prejudice Persists For Black Corporate Pros
Marketers Steadily Increase Use of Multi-Touch Attribution for Media Insights
The End Of Sports: Dentsu AI Program Predicts Games Before They Happen
Omnicom Names New University Dean
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019
SEO Data On LinkedIn Shows Newfound Interest
Google Creates View Santa In 3D, Demonstrates Importance Of Timing
Microsoft Gives Developers A Chance To Get On Santa's 'Nice List'
Google Urges Judge To Throw Out Privacy Claims Over Assistant
1.3 Billion, And Counting...
Verizon Media's Ivan Markman On 2020's Major Video Trends
Honda, SoundHound To Intro In-Car Voice Assistant At CES
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 23, 2019
Bing Query Disinformation: Digging Deeper Into Stanford's Research
Google Explores How Language Plays A Role In Search, Attribution, Shopping
Developers Create App That Tracks Users' Lifetime Value For Marketers
Judge Dismisses Location Privacy Lawsuit Against Google
Snap Invites Brands To Make Logos Searchable
How Consumer Market Research, P&G Influenced An Eight-Year-Old
The Attribution Minefield: What's Keeping Brands From Multi-Touch Intelligence
Why Location Throttling Will Become The New Ad Blocking
Holiday Travel Turns A Corner
A Google Year In Review
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 20, 2019
Why Email, Website Visits Drove 58% Of Traffic To Online Retailers The First 3 Weeks Of November
Bing Top Search Results Filled With Disinformation, Report Finds
IAB Tech Lab Working Group Releases Guidelines For CTV/OTT Devices, App Identification
Snopes Launches Membership Program To Expand Staff, Upgrade Site
Project X Unveils Advanced OOH Analytics Suite
New York Governor Vows To Introduce Net Neutrality Law
Most Ad Execs Believe Advertising And Media Services 'Going Through A Difficult Time'
2020 Media-Publishing Predictions: Privacy, CPMs And Cultivating Connections
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019
Google Search Features Impact Organic Search CTRs
B2B Marketers Align With Keywords 'Merry Christmas,' 'Happy New Year'
Rubicon And Telaria To Merge In A Stock-For-Stock Deal To Strengthen CTV Market
Facebook Boosts Fact Checkers' Abilities To Identify Misinformation
Email Still Top B2B Channel, Study Finds
Google Acquires Typhoon Studios For Stadia
Voice Assistants To Work To A Common Standard
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019
Google Calls Out Mapping Challenges And How Data Contributes To Solutions
What Types Of Media, Advertising, Technology Influence Customers
Apple, Amazon, Google Partner In Zigbee Alliance On Connected Home Project
Alexa, Get Me Good Seats For 'Phantom' Tonight: Voice Assistance Comes To Broadway
YouTube To Impose New Restrictions On Ads Surrounding Children's Videos
Multicultural Ad Growth, By Ethnic Group
DoubleVerify's New Tool Lets Advertisers Override Safety Content Controls On Specific Pages
DAA Readies California Opt-Out Tools
Sen. Rand Paul Supports Bill To Bolster Publishers, Though Questions Remain
Ecommerce Intel: What Brands Are Planning For 2020
Have You Googled 'Impeachment'?
Microsoft Serves Banner Ads In Mail, Calendar App
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019
Affiliate Traffic, App Use Decline During Holidays
Google Maps: Road To Advertising
Renault Tests New Vertical Video Ad Format, Sees 97% Completion Rate
80% Of U.S. Apps Found To Have 'Dangerous Permissions,' Many From China, Russia, South Korea
How Google Helps Spread Fake News For 1%ers
CPG Goes D2C: Learning the New Brand/Performance Tango
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