• Save 'Studio 60': Fans Need to Take Action
    If the fans of "Jericho" can bring it back from the dead, why won't fans of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" convince NBC to bring it back for another season?
  • A Second (By Second) Opinion
    February 17, 2009. There are two interesting things about that date. One is that it is the day that analog television will finally give up its ghost. Two is that, in the six months that we've been hosting this board, there has not been a single reference to the timing of this important milestone.
  • 'Un-Dumbing' The News?
    As I write this I'm sitting in a London hotel with the TV tuned to a BBC News program. Aside from the fact that -- as a Brit -- it's nice to be back and soak up the BBC approach to disseminating information, it's interesting to note that only today the Beeb announced that it is going to expand its news output in the U.S.
  • For What It Is Worth: A La Carte
    I'm a little confused about the Federal Communications Commission's vigilant pursuit of its a la carte cable initiative. Is it simply a pricing issue -- too high a cost for the number of channels that are actually viewed within a household -- or is it another bureaucratic stab at curbing free speech?
  • The Art Of The Programming Mind Meld
    So, Yahoo has just partnered with "Access Hollywood" to create a new celebrity news destination at omg.yahoo.com. Driven by the U.S. consumer's insatiable appetite for celebrity and entertainment news, this is the vertical du jour for original online programming.
  • Jack Myers' Think Tank: TV Indecency -- What's Your Opinion?
    This week, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals overruled the Federal Communications Commission decision that Fox was guilty of indecency for the utterance of two expletives in live programming....
  • TV From The Doctor's Couch
    Is it time for an honest look at what's ailing TV? Until we address the real problem with ads, not only will TV fail to deliver ads more effectively, but the industry will continue to lose relevance. We all need to recognize and address the truth about ad intrusiveness, while also better understanding the public's indignant attitude about ad-skipping.
  • People Don't 'Like' Ads
    There are many mantras that we allow ourselves to chant and believe as we make our way through life -- some of them useful, some of them less so and some of them downright delusional. Perhaps in the latter category: the statement that "People like advertising."
  • To Connect or Not To Connect, When Is The Question: The Broadband To TV Conundrum.
    Every month or so, since Fall, consumers seem to be introduced to another device that will provide a bridge between their household broadband pipe and their TV sets to allow the free flow of programming between the two. Sure, I know this is the fallout of the user generation content effluvium, but are consumers ready for it? Or should I say, consumers beyond their teens and early 20s?
  • When You Really Should Blame The Messenger
    At what point will service providers stand up and take responsibility for the quality of their service? Moreover, when will content providers have the leverage they need to force service providers to get it together? Perhaps we ought to be writing more letters like the one following....
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