• Set Top Box Data: An Exemplary Vivisection & Translation
    A month ago, I was able to gets my hands on one week of mid-summer set top box data from a U.S. market that is situated far, far, far west. My query was simple: I'm curious to ascertain whether viewers that watch a particular TV daypart during a given day, such as daytime television, watch any other TV dayparts, (early fringe, prime, late night) during the same 24-hour period. I was fortunate enough to be partnering with a responsive pay TV distributor, which had licensed a sophisticated technology that enabled such scrutiny.
  • Brand Advertisers and Accountability in Advertising
    When I was younger, I attended military school. Many will find the fact that I was kicked out of military school less than surprising. But I did make some lasting friendships in the three-plus years I was there. A former classmate of mine runs a multibillion-dollar division of a large conglomerate. His group advertises heavily on television. Last week he had a problem and asked me to attend an advertising planning event with a few of his key executives. After a long presentation on brand strategy, media mix and tactical plans, the lights came up and everyone turned to me....
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    Coming off of what is possibly the worst prime-time Emmy show (at least according to the critics and the ratings), a week of a political and financial roller-coaster rides that will likely leave the local television industry in the proverbial toilet, I find it hard to focus on the upside. The only highlight of my week was watching David Letterman take McCain and his campaign to task the way only Letterman can.
  • Red Vs. Blue, Circa 1972
    I'm just barely old enough to remember what was, at the time, the most heated election in history. The year was 1972. At stake--tens of millions of dollars, and certain banishment for the losing candidate. As I recall, the entire campaign played out exclusively on television--the first (and only) election ever to do so. And the 18-month campaign turned negative--right out of the box.
  • In The Zone: The Cable Operator's Addressable Video Pass
    Inevitably, whenever members of the media community and trade discuss TV addressable video advertising, the focus of their attention is on the technology, the software, while the cable operator platform is positioned as a platter supporting the sumptuous application. The buzz is always about the technologist with colored commentary proffered about the operator's future expansive plans. So I have to admit that I was surprised to be reminded last week that cable operators are capable of delivery addressable video advertising to the zone, loosely defined as a gaggle of zip codes configured by the municipality when the cable operator and …
  • A Council's Excellent Research Adventure
    I am excited and proud to be involved with the Council for Research Excellence. Its mission and purpose represent the best our industry has to offer.
  • OMG! I'm Watching Mobile Video!!!
    Up until about two weeks ago, I was one of the many, many people who had not developed any pattern at all of viewing video on mobile devices. In essence, I hadn't bought into the reality of mobile video, even though I was more than willing to accept that it would grow over time as the user experience improved. But that was in the past -- in the bad old days before I had got my hands on an iPhone 3G and found myself seduced by its almost sensual appeal.
  • Fantasy Football, The Food Network And Interactive Television
    The gender divide, as my neighbor's wife pointed out last night at dinner, is rarely more apparent than when waiting for a table at a restaurant. Six of us were having a drink while the bartender was busy changing the channel to the Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers game -- at my neighbor Mike's request. We herded our wives so that they sat between us and the plasma television....
  • First-Run Only
    With the new television season upon us, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on last season. Oh wait, I can't remember last season....
  • Mike Bloxham Is... Watching TV Or Using Facebook? Or Both?
    We all know about the phenomenon of people using their computers while watching TV. We even know something about how many people (claim to) do it.
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