• Set-Top-Box Think-Tanking: An Agnostication Tally-Hoed
    On Jan. 7, 2009, a group of comrades ventured to meet and discuss the current state of the state of set-top-box thinking in the U.S. Fellow travelers from other countries joined in the debate. Our first corporeal stab of the bare set top bones was presented at the March 24th MPG Collaborative Alliance....
  • Jim Halpert, Whistleblower?
    I recently watched an episode of "The Office" on Hulu, and also found that I could purchase the same episode on Amazon.com. Both services were quick, and painless. I wondered, "Would NBC, a Hulu partner, make it equally as easy to watch "The Office" from the NBC site?" The answer to the question is a resounding "NO," particularly if you're interested in a high quality version of their programs.
  • An Analysis Of Playback Viewing of Fall '08 Prime-time Premieres
    The 2008 fall television season was one of the most anticipated in recent memory. Would viewers tune into their favorite programs after enduring a long writers' strike that resulted in a shortened 2007-2008 season for most shows, and a shortened development time for the new season? Viewers did come back, but not all of them were watching shows when they originally aired. More viewers than ever had the option of viewing programming at their convenience using playback technology. Advertisers and their agencies must, now more than ever before, understand viewers' use of DVRs to time-shift viewing of their favorite programs, …
  • Who's Zooming Who: Applied Mathematics
    Recently, TV Week's Daisy Whitney wrote a piece about a study conducted by research firm Solutions Research Group on young adult utilization of broadband video vs. digital video recorders. The findings: "The study [1,200 respondents] found that 70% of online Americans in the 18-34 year old demographic have watched TV online at some point, compared to 36% who have viewed a show on a DVR or a TiVo." I'm sure that the mathematics is correct; however, I question the application.
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