• Media Insights Q&A With Tony Jarvis
    Tony Jarvis is a self-described "research architect" with experience on all sides of the business worldwide, including agency, media and media research vendors. In this interview, Jarvis discusses a range of subjects -- including data quality, out-of-home measurement radio engagement and set-top-box data.
  • Media Insights Q&A with Jim Spaeth
    In this interview. Sequent Partners' Jim Spaeth goes on record with how he views industry change, how his company addresses ROI measurement, radio engagement and the inherent silos between media and creative at agencies. His work at Y&R, ScanAmerica, the ARF and now at his own firm, has provided Jim with a unique perspective on research applications and solutions.
  • Whose EBIF Is It Anyway: The Chrysalis & The Butterfly
    From what I have been able to glean, there are two stages of EBIF deployment: the chrysalized EBIF-enabled, an application housed in the set top box waiting for the cable headend to ignite out of dormancy; and the EBIF active: lit up, broken free of its cocoon to be furiously pursued by the media community for its enabling visual enhancement. Which are the EBIFers talking about: the chrysalis or the butterfly.
  • Media Planners Take On Challenges Of Digital TV
    Back in the day, oh, say 10 or 12 years ago, media planning was relegated to the basement of the ad agency. Then, the light went on. The media divisions became important, uh, lucrative to the mother ship. Today's media planners are Renaissance women (and men) skilled in everything from pop culture to Media Math 402. Now the complexities of media planning are escalating once again as our tried-and-true media outlet, television on the big screen, takes on the interactivity of digital and the targeting of direct response.
  • Media Insights Q&A With Richard Zackon
    Richard Zackon is not only an accomplished media researcher, he is also a lawyer (from his stint at Court TV) and a life coach. He also teaches a class on media at NYU and is a consultant with Nielsen as part of the CRE. Richard shares his insights about dramatic changes in the industry, industry innovations, some of his current projects and even some life coach advice.
  • A Baker's Doesn't - Or, Dueling Paddles: a Canoe Paddle Report (CPR)
    In 1976, Larry Fried, my boss at full service advertising agency BBDO, offered me a promotion to Director of National Radio for the media department. Three perks, exclaimed he: "lots of free meals, a plethora of tickets -- [which I didn't realize meant coordination for all departmental and executive agency requests] and lastly [although 'Director' would be embossed on my business card] your status internally is still one of an assistant national TV buyer." My annual salary was $8,500 supporting a New York City rental. How could I refuse?
  • Q&A With Simon Applebaum
    Simon Applebaum is a media veteran whose work reporting television news and trends spans over 30 years. Applebaum is currently on the forefront of off-platform media, hosting a weekly radio blog on www.blogtalkradio.com. This interview highlights his perspective of the current media environment across a range of topics including the broadcast vs. cable model of affiliation, the move of Jay Leno to prime time, the future of PBS, Internet TV, privacy and some predictions for the future.
  • Uncomfortably Numb
    Over the last six months I've been laboring over monthly bill stuffers that included a myriad of paged, weather-white and dull blacked, densely worded brochures from cablers and satcasters. These informative pieces of literature were divided into non-paginated, accordioned sections whose introductions humbly trumpeted: "Why "C" is providing this notice to me?" and "Privacy Policy: dedicated to protecting consumer privacy."
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