• For Set-Top-Box Sailors, It's 1492
    Research and technology pioneers in the set-top-box space seem to have their own timeline for delivering the New World of STB ratings for the media business: Dateline 1492.
  • Media Insights Q&A with Richard Vogt
    Richard Vogt is vice president at Ipsos Mendelsoh, working on the company's well-known and respected Mendelsohn Affluent survey. His extensive background includes work in network TV (CBS, ABC), as a station rep (MMT, Seltel), in syndication (LBS, Carsey-Werner), ad agencies (McCann-Erickson, Bates Worldwide) and the early multiplatform innovator TV Guide, where he worked on the magazine, cable network, Web site, and "new media" interactive program guide. In this interview Richard discusses many aspects of the upscale marketplace as well as changes in the media landscape and some future predictions.
  • Speaking Volumes
    Dec. 16 & 19 news flashes: Although five major nations, including the United States, had together forged a climate deal, which President Obama called "an unprecedented breakthrough" and conceded that the agreement was merely a political statement and not a legally binding treaty, back in the States, the House of Representatives (with unanimous bipartisan support) passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, which will give the FCC rights to develop guidelines to prevent a wide gap between the sound emanating from advertisements - audio, and video possibly - and programs.
  • Media Insights Q&A With Beth Rockwood
    Beth Rockwood is the senior vice president, market resources, at Discovery Communications. Beth's extensive research background spans agency (Y&R), broadcast (CBS) and cable (Discovery). In this interview, she talks about a range of subjects including set-top-box data, her work with segmentation and data fusion, how she manages the vast change occurring in the marketplace. and some innovations that she is bringing forward at Discovery.
  • The Comcast/ NBC Universal Merger: Addressing The Addressable
    A couple of weeks ago, as the Comcast and NBC Universal proposed merger grabbed headlines speculating on the efficacy of the marriage of gargantuan content and distribution partners synergistically influencing the media realm as we know it and the requisite government scrutiny to garner parental nuptial blessings, a few of the articles focused on the future of interactive and addressable technologies. Most commentary hedged optimistically: "now that you have a distributor and a content provider sitting on the same side of the table, that could accelerate movement into this area," spun one chief investment officer. I wish I could be …
  • Media Insights Q&A With Dave Morgan
    This week I interview Dave Morgan, the CEO of Simulmedia. Simulmedia is a relatively new company embarking on an innovative way to measure and maximize TV promos. Using enhanced research techniques with data matching and psychographic profiling, Morgan's company can help companies better engage their target audiences. In addition, he also discusses set-top-box data, the internet and some recent research findings.
  • Teaming up Research + Buying
    There's no question that television is on a steady trajectory of becoming more complicated to plan and buy. The question lies in how to change the agency organizational structure to better serve clients while balancing the need for further changes that will certainly come over the next few years. The more difficult question is, how should the agency television buying team be reconfigured? And, how many times will things need to change over the next few years to keep current clients happy and potential clients knocking on the door?
    I'm a double play broadband and telephony cable customer. My cable operator, C., has always provided good service and is responsive when I have a problem. Except for one inexplicable disconnect. Whenever I call my Time Warner telephonied colleague in New York City, which is often, my call will be dropped within minutes of our conversation. Never fails. Always have my iPhone handy to resume the dialogue. So when I received a "special low price" promotion in the mail from a telco operator that offered "high speed internet and phone for just $40 a month for the first three months …
  • Media Insights Q&A With Meredith's Britta Ware
    Britta Ware, vice president, research solutions for Meredith Corporation, offers a fresh perspective on the magazine marketplace and how psychographic research can be used to effectively target female readers and Web visitors.
  • What's Time-Shifting Got To Do With It: The Media Community's Dilemma
    At the turn of century, a colleague, Jon Swallen (currently SVP, TNS Media Research) and I were pondering the impact of TiVo's time-shifting technology on commercial viewing. Early analytics revealed that 80% of TiVo subscribers (approaching 300,000) were fast-forwarding through commercials. The Chicken Littles were right, I thought. It was the beginning of the end: a rebellion against traditional linear video commercialization and passive viewer acceptance.
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