• Media Insights Q&A with Bruce Tyroler
    While there are many companies that are examining set-top-box data, Bruce Tyroler, VP Research for Scripps, has been especially focused on analyzing the data from several sources. His work has expanded our knowledge of set-top-box data for practical use. In my interview with him, Bruce talks specifically about his work in this field and shares some of his ground-breaking findings.
  • Media Insights Q&A: Ed DeNicola and John Morse
    Ed DeNicola and John Morse are two research veterans who have joined forces and formed a partnership designed to inform companies on set top box data. Their introductory presentation, called Set Top Box 101, has been showcased at many networks and agencies. This interview delves into their introductory presentation as well as some topline findings about set top box data.
  • A Screen Shot In 3D
    Two events have catapulted 3D technology into the forefront of media professional and consumer imagination in 2010: the arrival of the theatrical box office champion of all time, "Avatar," with over $2.2 billion in worldwide sales, in which over 70% of its screen revenue was garnered from 3D ticket sales, and this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with 2,000+ exhibitors, football fields of floor space, and legions of journalists and industry types scurrying around to celebrate the emergence of 3D television - and to a much, much lesser extent e-readers.
  • Q&A With Kantar Media's George Shababb
    This week we interview George Shababb, President of Kantar Media (formerly known as TNS Media Research NA), one of the largest audience measurement companies in the world and one of the pioneers in the measurement of set-top-box data. George shares his insights into the global and national aspects of Kantar Media Research and the future of local media. He also offers an extensive analysis of the methodology, the application, the current challenges and the overall future of set-top-box data.
  • The Collaborative Alliance
    On March 15th in New York City at The Helen Mills Theater, MPG, MediaContacts and Havas siblings, will stage its quarterly forum, The Collaborative Alliance, where content creators, technologists, distributors and researchers meet to vet their interactive televisual propositions (television, broadband, wireless and out of home). Its mission is to provide media professionals, advertisers and their agencies in attendance with the opportunity to make sure they "get it right" so that the applications developed meet the specific needs of marketers in their quest to provide the best possible platform for their messaging and consumer engagement.
  • C3 And The Next Media Frontier: Set-Top-Box Data
    The national television industry has every reason to congratulate itself for successfully adapting its ad currency to accommodate for a disruptive technology known as the digital video recorder (DVR). The acceptance and implementation of C3 ratings happened very quickly considering the enormity of the change.
  • Media Insights Q&A with Shari Anne Brill
    Shari Anne Brill has received many honors in her research career, including WICT's Wonder Woman award as well as a Media All Star award in 2009. In my interview with her, Shari Anne shares her insights into new technologies, the CRE Mapping Study, "Digital Boomers," CIMM, the future of measurement, and how research and the entire media industry have changed. Below is a short excerpt from the interview.
  • Hung Up On The Cross
    Last week, comScore's Tania Yuki moderated a panel at NATPE entitled Cross Media Planning for a Convergence Culture. Adam Kasper, Lori Schwartz, Seth Newams and I were panelists. While waiting to be escorted out of the Speaker Ready room for our session, Tania quizzically queried: why did we think that there hasn't been more engagement with cross media platform campaigns at ad agencies. Each pundit punted in turn.
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