• Q&A With Colleen Fahey Rush
    Colleen Fahey Rush is the executive vice president of strategic insights and research for MTV Networks. There are six videos in my interview of Fahey Rush, on a range of subjects from research quality, Logo's gay and lesbian research, past trends and predictions, to the role of research at MTV networks. Here's an excerpt from the interview.
  • TV Buyers Beware: A Rumination
    Back in July, I had written a TV Board entitled "All Along The Watchtower: An Ode To Agency Researchers." The piece was prompted by Steve Sternberg's forced exit from his decaded home at McCann and Magna. He was one of the many prominent, agency researchers - David Ernst, Bruce Gorelich, Tony Jarvis, David Marans, Susan Nathan, Stacey Lynn Schulman, and Jon Swallen to name a few - who in recent years had become a statistic, as opposed to a calculation in the evolution of the advertising agency business.
  • Media Insights Q&A With Mike Pardee
    Every time I ask today's research leaders how they decided on research as a career, I am struck by the range of answers. But none has been as fascinating as SVP Research for Scripps Networks Interactive Mike Pardee's. His research moment started on a tramp freighter headed to Sri Lanka. While there, Mike's interest in anthropology was formed and now he is one of the leading thinkers in the research community today. His current responsibilities span all areas of research.
  • The Third Dimension And The Mysterious Stranger
    At the close of the 19th century - give or take a decade in either direction - American humorist Mark Twain wrote multiple versions of a short, long story called "The Mysterious Stranger." As I recollect, having read the story decades ago, a young country boy meets a mysterious stranger in the town. They befriend each other. The mysterian possesses great powers: magical, philosophical, physical and astrological....
  • Media Insights Q&A With Raviv Knoller
    Raviv Knoller is the CEO of AdsVantage, an international company that is using set-top box-data to help advertisers more effectively target potential customers.
  • Collaborative Alliance December 2009 Highlights
    As many of you may be aware, MPG sponsors the quarterly Collaborative Alliance, a forum in which 225+ media professionals gather over lunch to help navigate the future of the consumer and advertiser relationship within the evolving televisual landscape. We have decided to publish a synopsis of the event commencing with our December 2009 gathering.
  • Research Predictions For 2010
    Over the past year I have been interviewing prominent researchers in the media industry. One of my favorite questions to ask is "What are your three predictions for the next five years?" The range of answers I receive is fascinating. So as I turned the page on another year, I began to think about what my predictions would be for just one year ahead: 2010. Here are five.
  • Commercial Manipulation: This Technology And That
    I imagine my year end chatter was similar to many a media industrialist - particularly those inquisitive and attentive - to the deployment of interactive TV apps, addressability, video on demand stickiness, broadband video and traditional TV content intermingling on large connective devices, commercialization of said off-spring, and measurement of its progeny. In parlance: TV everywhere everywhere, ubiquitously devoured, precisely measured, commercialized and authenticatedly subsidized through multiple revenue streams.
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