• Jack Myers' Think Tank: TV.com, Weather.com, TVGuide.com and Turner Lead TV Online Sales Efforts
    Highlights from a study: Advertiser usage of TV and video sites has increased dramatically since 2006. Similarly, a much larger proportion of our respondents met with a rep in the past twelve months than in 2006...
  • Poor Responders
    In a note from a friend, I found a quote from Arbitron's chief researcher, Bob Patchen: "[Arbitron] has begun moving more quickly to remove 'poor responders' from its panels -- but it's taking longer than expected to replace those households with more cooperative panelists." Moving quickly to remove poor responders? Replace those households with more cooperative panelists? Whatever happened to the random in random sampling? Raise your hand if you think you would have gotten away with suggesting such a solution in your Stats class back in college.
  • So You Think You Can Program
    It is time, my friends, to put your money where your mouth is. I am inviting each and every one of you to join me at www.tvbigshot.com for a season-long fantasy game that is going to separate the wo(men) from the young'ens. ...
  • Scales Of Injustification
    Scale is what you make of it. Let's take the interactive TV community, for example. I often hear complaints by my advertising agency brethren that they cannot support interactive TV because there is too little scale....
  • My TV Hell (DVR = Denial Of Viewing Rights)
    Under normal circumstances my TV is a source of stimulation, pleasure, learning and laughs. Right now, however, all of this is eclipsed by a sense of loss, frustration, anger, fear and despair.While this may sound on a par with the emotional roller coaster ride experienced by people suffering the symptoms of drug withdrawal, I have to admit (reluctantly) that the parallels may not be entirely inappropriate. You see, as I write, my DVR is on the blink....
  • Jack Myers' Think Tank: Hulu, CBS, Disney And New Models For Video Distribution
    Patrick Keane, CMO for CBS Interactive, had his "coming out" party earlier this week at the Jack Myers "Breakfast at Michael's" event, having only spoken in public as a CBS executive at the TCA in July. As a senior Google executive, Keane had the responsibility for justifying Google's acquisition of YouTube and its inherent conflict with broadcast network and studio distribution and revenue models. At CBS, Keane and CBS Interactive President Quincy Smith have embraced the open distribution model, partnering with multiple video distribution platforms that have a revenue model in place.
  • And The Emmy For Most Futuristic Use Of The Television Medium Goes To, Well, Quite Possibly, You
    A few weeks back, I received an invitation to enter MediaPost into the 2007 Emmy Awards competition. This surprised me for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that MediaPost is not in the television business. Yes, we publish content about it, but we have never actually produced any television programming. So after first deducing that the solicitation wasn't misdirected spam, or a phishing scam, I discarded the invitation as irrelevant and sent it into my delete folder. Little did I know that I had just blown my first shot at an Emmy.
  • Teens And Screens
    Ever since the emergence of the Internet, there has been an increasingly urgent desire to better understand how young people use media. Though efforts have not been limited to the Web -- originally perceived by many to be a younger persons medium - still, it was probably the evolution of that medium that energized our current and entirely rational preoccupation with understanding how media consumption was evolving among younger audiences....
  • The Cloak Of Proprietary
    Although interactive television trial deployment has ramped up over the last couple of years, particularly through ad-supported video-on-demand and addressability technology deployments, in my opinion the major impediment toward gaining traction with the advertising community has been the lack of availability of valuable information pertaining to these trials. Little information is shared. All is hidden under the respectable cloak of "proprietary."
  • Psst... Wanna Be Exclusive?
    In the mad panic to capture the hearts, minds and total online minutes of online users, the latest craze is the "exclusive" content deal. Let's review. In the last few weeks we have seen a flurry of exclusives -- Bruce Springsteen and iTunes, Celine Dion and Amazon, and others. But we have also seen content owners exercise their ownership rights in a new and often aggressive way. The question still remains, though: Does exclusivity drive audience loyalty? Does multiplatform access negatively impact overall value?
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