• A Cookie Between Friends...In A Flash
    Cookie, anyone? If you mention the term "cookie" to anyone outside the Internet business they will likely begin to salivate. If you mention the term "cookie" to anyone inside the Internet business they will immediately know you are referring to a small piece of information that is dropped on a user's computer by a Web site or Web server on the Internet.
  • Data Fusion Could Miss Out On Three-Screen Measurement
    Last week's announcement about a potential competitor to Nielsen seemed to shine a spotlight once again on the thorn in everyone's foot known as three-screen measurement. One could even surmise that the latest volley might be more about leveraging the power of the customer over the vendor for pricing concessions. But I think the underlying truth is that data fusion is challenged, and this frustration is manifesting itself through announcements like this one.
  • Canoe Potentially Taking Shape As TV Ad-Serving Network
    The world has moved forward since the creation of the ratings systems. Today all television advertisers have sophisticated enterprise-reporting (ERP) applications that optimize their product pipelines and distribution networks. Yet as an industry we so far have failed to synch our TV ratings data with the enterprise data of the advertiser. Direct response advertisers have been linking sales data to commercials for decades, but the large brand advertisers still need a more robust application. Canoe is taking shape to be our industry's first effort to help solve this data issue. However, at the beginning of its rollout, we should be …
  • Horizontical Networks: An Elastic Impression by Admira, Google, Invidi, & TiVo
    When I started my career in the media business at ad agency BBDO in the national buying and programming department, around the mid-'70s, the media community's attention was focused on reach. Mass reach. Broad reach. Television. Network television. The cult of the horizontal.
  • Set Top Box Research: A Call for More Open Dialogue
    From a research perspective, digital set top box (STB) data is the most exciting thing to happen to the television research business since people meters rolled out in the late eighties. It has the potential to have a giant impact on the industry" second by second data, new ad retention metrics, precise commercial and brand ratings, enormous sample sizes as well as the ability to directly link tuning data with other information at a household or device level.
  • TV and Internet Platforms Will Exchange Data
    There are many competing missions within the advertising and content industries. While in many cases we all distribute on the same universally accepted TV platform, each of us are using the respondent viewer data in our own customized way. Even though each group's goals may be different, these silos knit together a rich tapestry of compelling content and marketing messages that is then delivered to consumers who then further customize the video stream with their DVR. So powerful is this omnipresent platform that a cottage industry of mobile and Internet video has sprung up to catch the leakage.
  • The Collaborative Alliance
    On Sept. 16th in New York City at The Helen Mills Theater, MPG & MediaContacts, Havas siblings, will stage its quarterly forum, The Collaborative Alliance, where content creators, technologists, distributors and researchers meet to vet their interactive televisual propositions (television, broadband, wireless and out of home).
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