Video Daily Editions for October 2015
Video Daily - Friday, Oct. 16, 2015
The Nerve! YouTube Tells Advertisers To Advertise On YouTube
YouTube Content Creator Can Use Viral Video Without License
Hah! Now There's SeeSo From NBCU
Why iOS Is Eating Android's Lunch
Mobile Researcher NinthDecimal Strikes Location-Based TiVo Deal
Millennials Might Sign Up For PayTV If They Knew About TV Everywhere
As Marketers Chase Millennials, Millennials Reshape Marketing
NFL Scores Higher Ad Revenues, Ratings
Top 13 YouTube Stars Take In $54.5M
Ad-Blocking Horse Leaves; IAB Closes Barn Door
Twitterverse Outraged By TV Mounting Job
REI Reaches Rare Peak With 'Frank And The Tower'
Five Ways Brands Can Participate In The Future Of TV
YouTube Gaming Adds Perks, Subscription Offshoots
Fighting Tobacco's Unrestricted Role In Movies
Video Daily - Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015
The Online Ad Biz Heads For Rehab
He's Back! Bogusky Returns To Advertising, This Time It's Programmatic Video
Netflix Blames Credit Card Changes For Slowing Subscriber Growth
Pay TV Dilemma: Cord-Snippers, -Shavers, -Nevers
Seeking Content, GoPro Launches Its Own Awards
I Read This At Starbucks: Product Placement In Decline
While Online Video Viewing Is Up, TV Ads Still Work Better; Here's How to Improve Your Online Video Ads
IAB 'Leans' Into Ad Block Solution, Says 'We Messed Up'
YouTube's Top Money Minters
Dish Network, Consumer Advocates Oppose Charter's Merger With Time Warner
Mazda Back For Third 'Drive For Good' With NBCU
Jaguar Land Rover Revs Up Second Screen Ad Effort
Why Ad Blocking Is Good News For Meerkat And Periscope
Facebook Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit Over 'Faceprints'
The Antidote To Ad Blocking
Axel Springer Blocks Ad Blockers in Germany
Video Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015
Millward Brown Study Shows Pitfalls Of Targeting
Conde Nast Buys Pitchfork Media
Toyota Sponsors Live Music Performances On Yahoo
Local Search: What A Difference A Year Makes
Under Fire: Business Model Of Selling TV Shows To Digital Platforms
How Snapchat Fails Forward
Dewar's Uses VR Video To Launch Scratched Cask Whisky
AerServ Sees Skyrocketing In-App Mobile Video Sales
Snapchat Abandons Original Content Idea
Facebook Begins Testing A Video Only Place
Google Uses Neural Nets To Improve YouTube Thumbnails
Axel Springer Bans Ad Blockers
'Playboy' Can Drop Nudes, Experts Suggest Bottom Line Is Unaffected
Video Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015
What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy. Or
Conde Nast Buys Pitchfork Media
Long-Term Customer Loyalty, Engagement On The Decline
Toyota Sponsors Live Music Performances On Yahoo
TV Ad Revenue Gains Expected To Be Near Flat In Q3
AerServ Sees Skyrocketing In-App Mobile Video Sales
Party Time: 'Thug Kitchen' Hopes To Go Viral With Video Promoting Book Sequel
Twitter Yanks SBNation, Deadspin For NFL Rights Violations
Google Uses Neural Nets To Improve YouTube Thumbnails
Stopping Ad Blockers: No Time To Waste
Are Atheists More Innovative?
How Snapchat Fails Forward
Video Daily - Monday, Oct. 12, 2015
At Publishers' Confab, Viewability and Ad Blockers Are Front And Center
Do Cutbacks Bode Well For Twitter?
Cartoon Network App Doesn't Violate Video Privacy Law, Court Rules
'SNL' Premiere Clips Skyrocket
How Food Brands Can Win Over Female Shoppers
BuzzFeed To Create Native Video Ads For Politicians
Decreasing The Ever-Increasing Digital Marketing Gap
Streaming Video That Seems Like TV: That Works For Crackle
Nielsen Expands Mobile Measurement
Liam Neeson Voices Pope's Digital Platform
Third-Quarter TV C3 Ratings Sink, ABC Fares Best Among Broadcasters
Some Weak TV-Rated Shows Score Well In Social Media
SI, Wired Join Forces
Refinery29 Added To Snapchat Discover
Apple Removes Ad-Blocking Apps That Filter A User's Entire Internet Use
Video Daily - Friday, Oct. 9, 2015
$3B In Programmatic Video Spend in 2015, Says EMarketer
Twitter Encourages Advertisers To Run Video Ads
Twitter Brings Pre-Roll To Amplify
Two-Thirds Of Adults Use Social Network Sites
Mobile Spend By Local Advertisers Forecast To Hit $6.5B By 2019
Verizon Hikes Price Of Unlimited Data
State Of The Sellout 2015, Dylan Edition
Netflix Raises Subscriber Price, Stock Price Climbs
Vimeo Steps Up With Slate of New Programming
TV Political Ads: Spray And Pray Vs. Targeted
Sports-Minded Omnigon, Infront Tout New Int'l Partnership
Connected Camcorders Join IoT with Video Streaming
Is Adland's Programmatic Knowledge Gap Due To Bright Things Leaving For Google?
Why So Sad? Facebook 'Reaction' Emojis To Replace 'Dislike'
The Average Age Of A Creative Is 28, While The Average New Car Buyer Is 56 - That's A Problem.
Video Daily - Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015
Get Some Content, Call It Premium
Vidyard Launches Personalized Video For Marketers
Ad Blocking And Teen Engagement: Here's What Marketers Need To Know
ZypMedia Brings Programmatic To Politics
Five Suggestions For Publishers Struggling With Ad Blockers
BBC News Taps Yahoo For Video Distribution
Brands Show Real-time Video Streaming Not Just A Hobby
Auction-Based Selling: What TV Media Owners Need To Know
The Nuance Of Targeting In Data-Driven Advertising
Vice Would Like To Own A Cable Network
Toyota Looks To Online Video To Reach Light TV Viewers
Amazon Mulling Pay-TV Service
Canadians: Wary Of Digital Ads
Google Sees More Than Half Of Clicks Coming From Mobile
Video Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015
UPDATE: A Surprising Number of Cord-Nevers
OTT Market Reaches 90% of Digital Video Viewers, Report Says
Cabs In Dubai Equipped With Sensors To Prevent Tailgating
TV Nowhere? Broadcast's Premiere Season Falls Off Radar
Civis Analytics Launches Media Optimizer For TV, Refines Media Buys
MLB Launches Social Network For Fans
SymphonyAM Is On The Videopulse Of Measurement
The Opposite Of Product Placement: Toyota's Unwanted ISIS Connection
Toyota Makes Tacoma Videos Fun To Watch
Univision Deportes Launches NBA Site, App For Hispanics
Ad Blocking Could Lead To Better Ads
Facebook Rolls Out Lead Ads
TV Cord-Cutting Hits 6% Of Population, Millennials Most Likely To Drop Pay TV
Verizon To Share Mobile Data With AOL's Ad Network
Video Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015
Why Ad Blockers Could Win the 2016 Election
OTT Users Growing, YouTube, Netflix Dominate
Publishers Embrace Twitter 'Moments'
The Medium Is The Conveyance
Civis Analytics Launches Media Optimizer For TV, Refines Media Buys
Video Marketing Gaining Traction With B2Bs
Rentrak Starts TV Ratings Service For Syndicated Programs
Online Vs. Traditional: Consumers Have Same Level Of Trust, Study Says
13-Year Old YouTuber Dies Suddenly
Yahoo Expands Data Centers in Washington
Video Daily - Monday, Oct. 5, 2015
Will Apple TV End Endless Search For Content?
Disney Finds Emotion Next Targeting Metric For Advertising, Marketing
Among Other Problems, Mobile Advertising Is Mostly Boring
YouNow Raises $15M To Challenge Rivals
The Beat Goes On
Study: 25% Of Consumers Favor 'Entertaining' Content Over Accuracy
Amazon, Bing, Google Product Ads Critical To Holiday Search Campaigns
Cross-Channel Campaign Study Confirms Integrated Data Required For Success
Endemol, Awesomeness Partner Up For The World To See
Next On Consumers' To-Block List: Content Marketing!
Costa Seeks New Ways Of Unleashing Periscope
Ambassadors, Transparency And Wi-Fi: Digital Engagement Strategies To Grab Millennial Market Share
The Marketing Of Mayhem
IAB Teams With AOL Chairman Tim Armstrong to Tackle Diversity
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