AI & IoT Daily Editions for November 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 29, 2019
Amazon Alexa Voice Expanding To Other Connected Devices
Sorry/Happy To Report, Alexa Can Now Express Emotions
How Will Augmented Reality Change Publishing?
AT&T Seeks Dismissal Of Location Privacy Lawsuit
Apple Faces Pushback On Capitol Hill Over Location Privacy Protections
Ola To Launch Ride Hailing Service In London Soon
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019
Isobar Sees A Future Of 'Augmented Humanity'
Google Beat Facebook In Fitbit Bid
Bolt Close To Unicorn Status As It Plans To Build On Uber's Troubles
UK Tech Growth Slowest Since 2014
ICO Warns Digital Advertising, No More Hiding Behind Opaque Technology
It's BYOP (Password), Not BYOD (Device)
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019
190 Million 5G Smartphones Heading To Market
Ahold Tests Amazon Go-Like Store
'The New Yorker' Debuts AR Feature 'Animate Objects,' Applies New Tech To Storytelling
'Bon Appetit' Launches Linear Channel On Samsung TV Plus
Google Maps Ideal For Local Search In Homes On Mobile, Not Desktop
Facebook and Twitter Warn About Improper Data Access Via Apps
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 25, 2019
Chipotle Giving Away Voice Assistants To Customers Named Alexa
13M 5G Subscriptions Projected By End Of This Year, 2.6B In 2025
Study: Taco Bell Fastest In 'Attended Pickup' Digital Ordering
Mobivity Launches New Promotions Platform: Subway First To Deploy
Uber Banned In London, Again
Sir Tim Berners-Lee Unveils Plan To Combat 'Digital Dystopia'
Ban. Appeal. Reprieve. Repeat. London Bans Uber, Again
Small Business Snapshot: Email Still Leads
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 22, 2019
Amazon, Google, FB Make Mozilla's 'Most Creepy' Devices List
Verizon, Snap Partner For AR Features On 5G
Tubi Is First AVOD On Amazon Echo Show Devices
Google Rolls Out Gmail AMP To Android And iOS
Adidas Offers AR With iOS App Upgrade
Email Marketing Design In The Age Of Mobile Devices
Microsoft 365 Suffers Outages On Thursday
Musk Reveals Tesla's Futuristic Cybertruck At Glass-Shattering Event
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019
VR, Future TV, Robotics Among 'Best Inventions Of 2019'
Smart Home Spending To Reach $103B This Year: Study
Sam's Club Campaign Features Olympians To Showcase Speedy Check-Out Technology
Bing Feeds News Through Privacy Search Engine, Ensures User Anonymity
It's Alive! (Your Kitchen That Is)
Google Applauded For Obeying GDPR On Political Ads?
Google Pixel 4 Phone Lets You Build A Song With The Wave Of A Hand
UK Tech Start-Ups Hit Record Level Of Investment
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019
Digital Commerce Spending Set To Increase 66%
Comcast Intros Wi-Fi Scheduling Tool For Parents
Kraft Heinz Promos Leverage Shopper 'Agents,' Near-Field Tech
Microsoft To Shutter Cortana App In Some Countries Outside U.S.
Early Returns Show Disney+ Attracts More Family Viewing, Apple TV+ Appeals More To Females
'The Washington Post,' AT&T Team On 5G Lab To Improve News Delivery
Amazon Under Fire Over Ring Partnerships With Police
Did The ICO Just Agree That RTB Fails The GDPR Test?
CIOs Most Worried About Security, Next About Moving To The Cloud: Adobe
Major Vulnerability Found In Google, Samsung Phones: Lets Hackers Take Pictures, Record Voices
Annual Wrap-up On Email Trends And Innovations
Microsoft Restores 365 Service After Outage
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019
79% Of New Car Buyers Prefer In-Car Tech Over Brand
Security, Privacy Top IoT Issues
Siete Family Foods Samples Connected TV For First Campaign
Hey Google, Play Me Some News
End-Of-Year Forecast: Snapchat To Count 293 Million Global Users
Amazon Opens Up Availability Of Free Music Streaming With Ads
Google, Tech Companies Dance Around Data Requests From Congressional Antitrust Query
UK Shoppers At Risk Of Holiday Cyber Fraud
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 18, 2019
Volkswagen Commits $66 Billion For Future Cars
Forecast: Apple To Take Lead In 5G Smartphones In 2020
Softbank Plans Merger Of Yahoo Japan, Line
Free Full-Fibre Broadband Promised By The Labour Party
Gmail Proves that Google Banking Plan Could Pay Off In Unexpected Ways: Analysis
Is HBO Max Priced Too High?
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 15, 2019
746,000 Autonomous-Ready Vehicles Expected By 2023
Walmart Reportedly Readying Self-Service Search, Display Ad Platform
Americans Don't Trust How Companies Handle Their Data
The Fallacy Of The Streaming Wars
Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft Lead U.S. Companies To $3.81 Trillion In Brand Value
Most Brits Will Not Pay More Than GBP20 A Month For Streaming
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