• Klobuchar Adds Support To Local Journalism Sustainability Act
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn), the daughter of a newspaperman, has voiced support for the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, a bill that would provide tax credits to help local newspapers survive. The bill was introduced by Senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Ron Wyden (D-Oregon).  
  • Indian News Group Critical Of Regime Is Raided
    An Indian news organization critical of the government, has been raided by tax authorities. The Dainik Bhaskar Group was hit simultaneously at four of its locations.   
  • Reporter Kristen Richards Dies At 69
    Kristen Richards, a journalist who covered architecture and started the ArchNewsNow website, has died at age 69. She is a former off-off Broadway actress and art gallery owner.
  • Dutch Journalist Slain In Apparent Gangland Hit
    Peter R. de Vries, a Dutch journalist who focused on crime, has died after being shot last week. He was 64. The attack had the hallmarks of a gangland hit.
  • Analysis: Substack's Impact On Democracy
    The emergence of Substack has been hailed as the solution to the crisis afflicting local journalism. But what does the creator economy mean for democracy? Here is an analysis.   
  • Facebook Backs Local Australia Newspaper Fund
    Facebook will provide money for an "innovation fund" for 170 regional Australian newspapers. This is one of several deals announced by Facebook since Australia forced it and Google to negotiate content payments to media outlets.    
  • The New Cultural Vision At 'Los Angeles Times'
    The Los Angeles Times thinks of itself as seeking a media platform, not just a newspaper. Owner Patrick Soon-Shiong editor Kevin Merida explain why.    
  • Russia's Fight Against Independent Media
    Russia is using a variety of authoritarian tactics to silence independent media. But publishers have found ways of resisting such attacks in Russia and elsewhere.  
  • Amy Carr Named Editor Of 'Chicago'
    Amy Carr, former Chicago Tribune features editor, has been named as editor of Chicago magazine. Carr had applied for but didn’t finally take a proffered buyout by new Tribune owner Alden Global Capital, which also owns the magazine.
  • Hudson Valley Publisher Consolidates Titles
    Ulster Publishing is consolidating all of its Hudson Valley newspapers into a single print title: Hudson Valley One. The publisher has been fighting to weather the challenges facing local news publishers. 
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