• Analysis: Journalists Could Be Replaced By Robots
    Reporters, who are already facing a shrinking job market, may have new competition — from robots. AI-based journalism platforms generate news automatically — and can be more accurate than humans. 
  • Diversity Issues Remain At Top Magazines
    Despite progress, fashion magazines still have diversity issues. The surge in using Black talent on magazine covers has gone sluggish. And the same is true of staffing. Here’s an analysis of why. 
  • Salman Rushdie To Publish Novel On Substack
    Author Salman Rushdie will publish his next book as a serialized novella on Substack. Rushdie is also going to start writing film reviews, he said from his New York apartment.  
  • Conde Nast Space Is Sub-Leased To Marketing SaaS Company
    A 48,000 square-foot chunk of Conde Nast’s space at One World Trade Center in New York has been subleased to Constellation Agency, a marketing tech company, through leasing firm Advance. The new tenant will occupy the entire 21st floor of the building.    
  • Substack Picks Up Cocoon Staff
    Newsletter platform Substack has hired the team behind the subscription social-media app Cocoon. The app of the Y Combinator Cocoon will continue to operate independently.      
  • DOJ Says Newspaper Is A Chinese Agent
    The Justice Department is scrutinizing foreign-owned media to determine their influence. It has demanded that Chinese-owned Sing Tao register as a foreign agent as tensions escalate between the U.S. and China. 
  • Some 'People' Staffers Say They Were Cut Out Of Bonuses
    Unionized People magazine employees are angry at Meredith because they claim they were stiffed on bonuses being awarded to the staff. The $1,000 “thank you” bonuses were announced by chief executive Tom Hartly.
  • Media Company Red Ventures Is Now Big Business
    Red Ventures draws 751 million viewers per month, claims to have $2 billion in revenue and may now be the biggest digital publisher in America. The company is located on a campus in South Carolina that includes residences for employees who choose to live there.
  • 'Chicago Tribune' Editor-In-Chief Is Leaving Post
    Colin McMahon is stepping down as editor-in-chief of the Chicago Tribune, effective August 20. McMahon, who also serves as Chief Content Officer for Tribune Publishing, will be replaced by Mitch Pugh, who has been named executive editor. Pugh will step into the top role on August 30. 
  • 10 Colorado Journalists Selected As Fellows In Water Reporting Project
    Ten Colorado journalists have been chosen as Fellows in a project to strengthen reporting on water issues in the state. The fellowship experience is being supported by the Colorado Media Project and the Denver-based Gates Family Foundation.
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