• 'Mooch' Sends 'New Yorker' Traffic, Subscriptions Soaring
    Even better than a “Trump bump,” The New Yorker’s Web site enjoyed a massive traffic boost after posting an eye-popping interview with the White House’s new communications chief, Anthony Scaramucci, according to Variety. Since the story posted on July 27, it has viewed by more than 4.4 million unique visitors. “In addition, the New Yorker saw a whopping 92% increase in subscription orders over the daily July average from the Scaramucci piece.”
  • 'Rolling Stone' Asks Why Justin Trudeau Can't Be U.S. President
    In the Trump era, the grass is almost certainly greener in Canada. Many people enjoyed seeing Justin Trudeau, the sock-loving Canadian prime minister, on the Rolling Stone cover. Yes, there is lots to like about the youthful leader, but on Twitter, even his fans were a bit put off by the admiration.
  • Sci-Fi Classic 'Galaxy' Returns Online
    One of the genre’s best magazines can now be found online for free. Archive.org is now home to a collection of issues of Galaxy Science Fiction, which published some of the genre’s best works, including Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov. The collection contains 355 separate issues, ranging from 1950 through 1976. At its height, the magazine changed the direction of science fiction.
  • Local News Not Benefiting From 'Trump Bump'
    Unlike national news publishers, local papers are not seeing an increase in subscriptions in the age of Trump. “Scrutinizing the president turns out to be good business, at least for top national papers like the Times and the Washington Post,” Bloomberg writes. Yet, “A different story is playing out for local publications, which are still suffering through the industry’s long decline and need to retain subscribers who are sympathetic to Trump.”
  • News Publishers Push For Bargaining Rights Against Web Giants
    A group of news organizations are pushing for the right to negotiate collectively with Facebook, Google, and the web’s other gatekeepers, The New York Times reports. To do so, they will ask for “limited antitrust exemption” from Congress. “It’s an extreme measure with long odds,” The Times writes. “But the industry considers it worth a shot, given its view that Google and Facebook, regardless of their intentions, are posing a bigger threat economically than President Trump is (so far) with his rhetoric.”
  • Reuters Reworks Web Site
    Reuter has redesigned the article page of its flagship website. The effort is intended to “give people what they want when they want it,” Poynter reports, citing an interview with Isaac Showman, managing director at the newswire. Specifically, “Reuters has re-engineered the site for speed, cutting down the time it takes most browsers to render a page by more than 50 percent.”
  • Will Apple News Allow Publishers' Ad Tech?
    Apple is ready to let select News partners use their own ad technology, sources tell Ad Age. “At the moment, Apple maintains tight control over ad delivery in its popular news app, and publishers say they are not generating much revenue there,” it writes. “Publishers can set up ad campaigns to run in their Apple News articles, with all types of ad formats including standard banner ads and videos.”
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