• Wired's New Editor-In-Chief Talks Paid Content
    Adweek sits down with Nick Thomson, recently appointed editor-in-chief at Wired, to discuss the publisher’s move to paid content, and his experience with such models as digital editor at The New Yorker. Says Thomson: “One of the reasons The New Yorker got so big was because we started making so much money on our website from our subscription model that we were able to hire more writers who write more good essays, and that makes you more money so you hire more writers and you sort of create this virtual cycle.”
  • Is Digital Media Crippling Couples' Sex Lives?
    Some mental health professionals suggest that connected gadgets and social media are having a negative effect on couples’ sex lives. “Social media has become a force to be reckoned with,” Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills couple therapist, tells CBS Los Angeles. The analysis was prompted by new research from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which found that U.S. adults are getting less active, these days.
  • Top NYMag Editor Getting New Apple News Editor-In-Chief Gig
    Apple is reportedly bringing on Lauren Kern, executive editor at New York magazine, as the first editor-in-chief of Apple News. As reported by Politico, the appointment “would seem to suggest that Apple has ambitions for its two-year-old aggregation app, which replaced the Apple Newsstand in 2015 but hasn’t really gained traction in a big way.”
  • Scribd Adding Stories From NY Times, WSJ
    Scribd subscribers will now have access to “select articles” from top newspapers, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Regarding Scribd, Nieman Lab writes: “The service now has over half a million paying subscribers, paying $8.99 a month, and the company is profitable.”
  • Medium Offers Audio Stories To Subscribers
    Medium subscribers can now expect an audio version of every “exclusive, member-funded story,” Venture Beat reports. “More than 50 stories are now available as audio versions, with more being added in the future.” Bigger picture, “Medium is hoping to sweeten the pot in order to get you to become a paying member,” VB suggests.
  • WSJ Enjoys Strong Digital Subscriber Growth
    Over the past year, The Wall Street Journal has added 305,000 daily digital subscribers, CNN Money reports, citing an SEC filing from News Corp. Meanwhile, “79% of Journal subscribers are male, 88% are above the age of 50 and 70% make over $100,000 a year,” it writes, citing sources.
  • What Explains NY Times' Subscription Surge?
    There are several reasons for the increase in digital subscription that The New York Times is presently enjoying. “The Times’ subscription bump is in large part a product of Donald Trump and the aftermath of the 2016 election,” Recode writes. “But it’s also the result of a years-long effort the company has made to get its readers to pay for its product, rather than advertisers.”
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