• Mic Adding Nine New Content Brands
    Digital media publisher Mic is rolling out nine new content channels focusing on women’s issues, personal finance, and other categories. “All nine brands were born out of editorial experiments over the past two years that its audience has responded to in promising ways,” The Wall Street Journal reports, citing comments by Mic co-founder and CEO Chris Altchek.
  • Amazon Buys Middle East Ecommerce Giant Souq.com
    As expected, Amazon announced plans to buy Souq.com an ecommerce property popular throughout the Middle East. “Souq, which launched in 2005, carries more than 8.4 million products in 31 categories, including consumer electronics, fashion, health and beauty, household goods, and baby,” Forbes reports. “The deal, believed to be worth $650-$700 million, puts an end to months of speculation.”
  • Medium Details Premium Service
    Medium unveiled a new business model, this week, including its plan to create a club of special members willing to pay $5 a month for the blogging service. “The company provided few details about the membership benefits, but said that the site would remain free to those who are not members,” Business Insider writes. “The move comes a few months after [Medium founder Ev] Williams publicly swore off advertising.”
  • Trump's Lies Threaten Presidential Credibility
    A Wall Street Journal op-ed is  worried about Donald Trump's credibility. It claims Trump is doing his Presidency harm -- filling it with an endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods. The latest example: He won't refute his Saturday morning tweet of three weeks ago that he had “found out that [Barack] Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower-- though the FBI, along with other intelligence agencies, claim there is no evidence for the claim.Then press secreatary Sean Spicer quoted an unchecked Fox News commentator to insist the British were hired to bug Trump, causing …
  • Publishers, Platforms Participate In International Women's Day
    Many popular publishers and platforms will be supporting their female employees on March 8, International Women’s Day. The organizer's website suggests three ways to mark the occasion and support women: women taking the day off from work; avoiding shopping anywhere but small, women- and minority-owned businesses; and wearing red. Bustle, a site focused on news for millennial women, and its sister site, Romper, won't publish any content on Wednesday. Their social media accounts will go dark. The staff of Jezebel, part of Gizmodo Media Group, will stand with other women striking across the country. Jezebel’s two current male reporters, along …
  • Flipboard Launches Revamp
    Flipboard has just launched a massive revamp, Version 4, so people will feel they need it. About 97% of Flipboard downloads are now on smartphones, and that’s where the revamp starts, with upgrades for iOS and Android phones.it’s enriched with better artificial intelligence to both refine the articles you see and banish sites that fling atrocious advertising or fake news at readers.
  • Facebook Begins Flagging Fake News
    Facebook has been putting "disputed" tags on fake news. For example, a made-up story by The Seattle Tribune that Donald Trump's mobile device was source of White House leaks. The problem? The Seattle Tribune is not a real newspaper -- it's a satirical Web site!  The "disputed" tag, rather than an outright dismissal of the story, illustrates how softly the social network is dealing with the subject. How does Facebook arrive at its conclusions? Either a Facebook user flags a story or the company's software catches something off. Then it's sent to organizations that have offered to fact-check, such as …
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