• WordPress Now Supports VR Content
    Publishers hosted by the WordPress.com service can now create, upload, and publish their own VR content. As Venture Beat notes: For many, 360 content is more akin to ‘interactive media,’ and isn’t VR in its purest form -- but when consumed through a VR headset, rather than through a static screen, 360 does constitute an immersive experience.”
  • Is 'The Information' Staying Afloat?
    Columbia Journalism Review check in on The Information to see how the subscription-based scoop-driven news publication is faring. “Its staff now approaches 20 people, it recently opened an Asia bureau, and the number of subscriptions has more than doubled over the past year,” CBJ writes. What’s more, “It recently announced plans for an expansion that includes an all-access VIP membership for big investors.”
  • 'The Outline' Sees Itself As Next-Gen New Yorker
    The Wall Street Journal looks into The Outline, an online publication that its founder Joshua Topolsky is positioning as the next-generation version of The New Yorker. “The new venture-backed site is aiming for a smart, highbrow readership--an audience that falls somewhere between traditional brands like the New York Times and digital natives like BuzzFeed,” The Journal writes. Topolsky is a former Bloomberg and Verge editor.
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