• Startup Scroll Selling Publishers On Ad-Free Approach
    The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Scroll, a new service that helps publishers offer their content without ads in exchange for a small monthly fee. “Scroll, is persuading news outlets that they can make more money charging some consumers for an ad-free experience than they can make showing them ads,” it writes. “Business Insider, Fusion Media Group, the Atlantic, MSNBC and Slate are among the news organizations that have signed up.”
  • Digital News Subscription Prices On The Rise
    Across 100 U.S. regional news publishers, the median digital subscription price is $2.31 per week, the American Press Institute reports. That’s equivalent to $10 per month and $120 per year for a digital news subscription. Also of note, “The median weekly price of $2.31 … was 83% higher (cost $1.05 more per week) than what a 2012 report published by the Reynolds Journalism Institute estimated as an optimal price.”
  • Substack Starts Offing 'Free' Publishing Tools
    In exchange for 10% of any revenue earned by its partners, publishing platform Substack will now offer its tools for “free.” Regarding Substack, Nieman Lab notes: “While the platform was initially built around website creation, it’s since changed gears to focus more on newsletters.” Going forward, “Substack is looking to prove that it can be a viable platform for a variety of writing, not just industry news,” according to Nieman Lab.
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