• Crain's 'Chicago Business' Shuttering Comments Section
    Overwhelmed by trolls, Crain’s Chicago Business is shutting down ChicagoBusiness.com’s comments section. “Simply put, we do not have the personnel to manage this commentary, to keep it civil and fair and to halt the back and forth before it devolves into invective, name-calling and, in too many cases, outright hate speech,” the publisher said in a statement. “We’d rather not play host to these often anonymous commenters.”  
  • Newsrooms Ill-Prepared To Address Declining Trust Among Readers
    The newsrooms of most publishers are ill-prepared to address issues like misinformation and declining trust among readers, according to a new report from the American Press Institute. “Drawing upon a survey of 59 U.S. newsrooms ranging from single to quadruple-digit staffs, the report found that most publications are still using social media -- mainly Facebook and Twitter -- simply to distribute links to their own content,” Poynter writes.
  • Times Co. Posts Strong Q3 Earnings
    Despite another decline in print ad sales, The New York Times beat third-quarter earnings estimates, this week. Better yet, the publisher “more than doubled last year’s comparable per-shareholder profit,” The Wrap points out. During the quarter, Times Co. racked up $385.6 million in revenue. “Overall, subscription revenues increased 13.6 percent.”
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