• Dutch Journalism Start-Up Blendle Makes U.S. Debut
    Dutch journalism start-up Blendle just make its U.S. debut with some high-profile partners, including the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist. Blendle is an “iTunes-style” payment method for newspapers, magazines and websites, Politico notes. Of note, its app offers refunds when users dislike articles they have purchased.
  • Alphabet Launches Unfiltered.News
    Jigsaw, Alphabet’s tech incubator, just launched Unfiltered.News -- an experimental site that uses Google News data to show users what topics are being underreported in specific regions. The point is to “try and diversify people’s perspectives on the news,”Nieman Lab reports. “Though the Internet provides us access to a nearly unlimited number of sources for news, most of us rarely venture beyond the same few sources or topics.”
  • Medium Spinning Off Matter
    Medium is spinning off Matter -- the Web publication it has hosted for the past three years. “Matter, which publishes long-form, magazine-style articles, announced Monday that it is leaving Medium to become a standalone company called Matter Studios,” Politico reports. Matter will be wholly owned and funded by Medium’s founder Ev Williams.
  • Medium Readying Monetization Effort
    Medium is slowly preparing to monetize its popular blogger platform. “We’re building monetization into the product right now,” Medium founder Evan Williams tells BBC News. “I think there are ways to [include ads] that are respectful to the user experience and privacy,” Williams noted, adding: “We’re not limiting ourselves to advertising. According to Williams, users should see the first of these moneymaking features before the end of this quarter.
  • Conde Nast Buys Real-Time Content Editing System Poetica
    Condé Nast just bought Poetica -- maker of a real-time content editing system. “Condé Nast said Poetica’s product, as well as its engineering and design team, will help it ‘seamlessly and quickly’ deliver content to audiences across multiple platforms,” Variety reports. “The Poetica system will be integrated into Condé Nast’s proprietary content management platform, copilot.”
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