The Martin Agency - GEICO, Gecko Viral Video Campaign

The Martin Agency
GEICO, Gecko Viral Video Campaign
Finalist Video: Campaign

 You know the Gecko - by now everyone does. But did you know he now appears in some of the most popular viral videos ever? He's now translating for talking cats, taking a picture of himself every day, and holding hands with an otter. In a clever twist on viral videos - and one that actually doesn't hide the brand at all - Geico's efforts led to more than 54 million impressions and more than 4.1 million video views during the 9-week campaign.


The Martin Agency: Cliff Sorah, SVP/Creative Director; Ron Villacarillo, Senior Art Director; Mike Lear, Writer/Associate Creative Director; Alex Scheer, Agency Broadcast Producer; Molly Souter, Agency Executive Producer; Dean Jarrett, SVP/Director of Marketing Communications; Liz Toms, Account Supervisor; Rad Tollett, Senior Strategic Planner; Angela Wilson, Project Manager; Theresa Dunn, Media Relations Account Executive.

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