Most Digital Time Spent In Mobile

Speaking at OMMA Mobile on Monday, Josh Chasin, chief research officer, comScore, began his talk by presenting data about how consumers are using their mobile devices. For starters, we’re up to 140 smartphones in the U.S., about half of all mobile phones.

There are 70 million tablet users -- it’s the fastest adopted technology since the cell phone. More than half (52%) of digital time spent is on a smartphone or tablet. Apps dominate, with 85% of time spent versus 15% in mobile Web.

There are 15 million mobile users whot access Web only via mobile; three-fifths of that group are women. As has been widely established, mobile phones are used throughout the day, PCs used mostly during the day, and tablets mostly in the evening.

Media time is not necessarily a zero sum game. Time spent on PCs is up a bit, while mobile and tablet time is up. How can time spent on all platforms rise? Multitasking.



Categories like sports and weather, however, have shifted more toward mobile devices from the desktop. The majority of Internet users are now accessing Web across both mobile and desktop.

In terms of top sites, even publishers like Google and Yahoo are seeing a growing incremental audience from mobile. About 30% of Facebook’s audience is coming just from mobile. Ninety percent of U.S. mobile adults are going on Facebook

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