Smartphone Shopping & the Move Away from Desktop

The annual growth of mobile commerce continues as shopping activities migrate from desktops to mobile devices.

The latest monthly commerce index from Branding Brand shows increased smartphone shopping activity from a year ago.

Among major retailers in various industries, including apparel, health and beauty and home goods, the number of visits, orders and revenue increased from the same month last year.

  • 18 million smartphone visits (10 million last year)
  • 106 million smartphone orders (54 million last year)
  • $12 million smartphone revenue ($5 million last year)

Put another way, the annual growth rate for smartphone visits increased 84%, with orders increasing 96% and revenue up 116%.

Tablet visits were lower than smartphone visits, though also higher (19%) from last year.

However, as in other studies, tablet orders were higher, reaching $150 million compared to the $106 million on smartphones.



At $22 million, the money coming from tablet transactions is almost double that coming from smartphones.

This is also no surprise, as many mobile shoppers use their phones to research while many make the purchase on a tablet at home.

When it comes to visits and revenue, Apple continues to lead Google with 67% of smartphone revenue coming from iOS phones compared to 33% from Android devices. Revenue for retailers from iOS tablets accounted for 86% compared to 14% from Android tablets.

While not encompassing the entire retail marketplace, the index is based on 109 million website visits, 80 million page views, almost 2 million orders and $267 million in revenue.

Branding Brand customers include major retailers such as Sephora, Ralph Loren, Crate & Barrel and American Eagle Outfitters.

In the index, the market share of desktop visits decreased 22% over the same time that smartphone visits smartphones increased 45%.

With smartphone actions now accounting for 29% of total online visits, the move from desktop to mobile continues in earnest.


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