TV Markets Report Big Differences In Live Vs. Time-Shifted Viewing

Local TV markets can vary greatly when it comes to their share of live TV watching versus time-shifted and other video-on-demand viewing.

Pittsburgh viewers have the biggest percentage of prime-time live viewing -- at 70%. Philadelphia is next at 68%, followed by Minneapolis at 62% and New York and Baltimore, each with 61%, according to Nielsen.

Looking at the lowest percentages of live viewing, Dallas has 44%, followed by Houston at 47%, and Los Angeles at 49%. All those markets register less than half their TV viewing in live TV programming.

In addition, Dallas is the only market in the top 25 that has a higher percentage of time-shifted viewing (47%) than for live viewing (44%). Plus, 9% of its viewing comes from video on demand. Houston and Los Angeles also have a high amount of time-shifted viewing in prime time -- 44% for Houston and 45% for Los Angeles.



When it comes to the top 25 markets in prime time, 56% view TV shows live, 34% time-shift within seven days and 10% go to video-on-demand, according to Nielsen time-shifted/live prime-time data from its June 2014 NPower report. In terms of overall results, with total day live viewing, Pittsburgh is also at the top of the list, along with Detroit -- both at five hours and 19 minutes. Tampa is at 5:16 and Philadelphia at 5:16.

At the other end of the spectrum is San Francisco at three hours and 27 minutes followed by Denver at 3:37, Seattle at 3:39,  and Los Angeles at 3:49.

St. Louis  at 49 minutes, Detroit and Orlando, each with 46 minutes, and Cleveland  at 45 minutes register the highest time-shifted viewing overall.

This research is from a Nielsen report of 25- to-54-year-olds surveyed in May 2014.

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