HyPR Raises $5M To Launch Programmatic That Enhances Influencers' Value

HyPR, a marketplace that connects brands with social influencers, raised $5 million in a round of seed funding and is set to launch the beta phase of its programmatic offering.

The company already completed a beta phase for its social influencer search engine capabilities, which had about 40 clients. “We’ve seen significant results as far as customer acquisition costs,” said HyPR's CEO and co-founder Gil Eyal. “At scale, the targeting is proving to be effective.”

Though influencer marketing is a nontraditional, native ad product that many think couldn’t fit in the programmatic marketplace, HyPR offers a different perspective.

“We think working with influencers can be more of a science than an art,” Eyal said. Instead of picking out influencers based on a hunch that someone could work well with a brand, the service uses data to determine a long list of possible influencers who could make good partners.

Many social accounts offer popularity, but a follower count is just one piece of the influencer puzzle.

There are considerations, such as gender, age and location, that HyPR indexes for clients. For instance, Eyal said, a coffee chain in New York may want to work with Kim Kardashian, but if most of her fans happen to be located in other countries, they may never get the chance to engage with the coffee chain.

Instances like these present a problem for marketers looking to target a specific area. And there are other concerns, too, like using an influencer who has worked with a brand competitor.

Traditionally in the social influencer space, Eyal said, if you wanted a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston to work with, it was a shot in the dark in terms of value. Now with programmatic influencer marketing, “we aim to predict the financial value of every social media post.”

HyPR’s programmatic service is offered to agencies, brands, app developers and others.

The programmatic service, which says it offers to “better identify the true value of influencers,” received seed funding from Edgewater Capital, Silvertech Ventures, Star Farm, Klingenstein Fields, among others.

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  1. Jonathan Hutter from Northern Light Health, October 28, 2015 at 3:45 p.m.

    If you're going to use an algorithm to determine the compatibilty and potential outcome of a relationship, using a series of data points to determine lists of influencers who would make good partners, incorporating considerstions such as gender, age and location, then the proper term to use is, "dating service."

    Are they also going to see if they smoke or want to have kids?

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