Carrefour Media Uses LiveRamp To Create A Connected World

Carrefour Media has partnered with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, to onboard data from consumer products goods companies that sell through Carrefour Markets. It allows the media agency to use  CPGs' first-party data to target consumers with advertisements. 

The technology from LiveRamp rolled out Tuesday in the United Kingdom, France, and Canada.

Carrefour Media manages advertising and marketing campaigns for consumer product goods companies like Coca-Cola P&G, and Kellogg, among others, that sell their products through Carrefour grocery stores across Europe

Onboarding data means connecting the data across numerous silos, rather than collecting the data. Connecting the CRM data with anonymous data, for example, completes the circle. By onboarding data, Carrefour can solve large-scale targeting challenges that lets the media agency support CPGs' CRM data and create lookalike ad targeting campaigns, according to Michel Bellanger, head of marketing at Carrefour Media. "This is a large-scale investment," he said.



Bellanger said the agency has seen results ranging from a 5% lift to 11-times return on investment for some campaigns.

Bellanger said basing the entire strategy on a click doesn't always work. Marketers can make decisions in real time to determine different media spends. Consumers looking for groceries may see an ad at the beginning of the week, but they won't come into the store until the end of the week, making it more of a challenge to base the digital strategy only on media KPIs.

Being a captive media agency to Carrefour markets makes it easier to integrate CPG data because privacy standards are in line with the retailers'.

"We are in the process of separating marketing data, buying behavior data, from the operational data such as media data," said Bellanger, head of marketing at Carrefour Media. "These two types of data can integrate with LiveRamp to gain a better view of the digital environment."

Through LiveRamp’s privacy-safe data onboarding service, client records are anonymized and then matched. All meet European privacy requirements. Data is matched with Acxiom AbiliTec for offline recognition and deterministic matching of anonymized records to online devices. 

Once data is matched, clients can distribute data across a network that includes more than 300 partners in North America, and more than 100 partners in Europe.

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