Here's Your Chance To See A Naked Couple Having Sex At Cannes This Year

As Cannes Lions gets underway, there is no shortage of fun and games for those attending, and for those unable to make the trek to the sunny South of France. Last year, if you recall, a couple was spotted having sex on the red carpet in front of the Palais. While that's likely to be a one-time only sighting, FCB hopes to unearth some equally salacious behavior this year with its app Cannes Meow

FCB/SIX, billed as a data-led creative group has designed an app for attendees and onlookers which aims to deliver real-time gossip, editorializing, statistics, easy-to-read leaderboards, engagement and data-driven analysis. OK -- so yeah, there's a lot of seriousness in there too but with a name like Cannes Meow, you know there's going to be some fun involved as well.  

Of the app -- touted as offering "the cattiest content from Cannes" -- FCB/SIX Creative Director Ian Mackenzie said: “Data is the starting point. From there, we want the experience to be fun, and a reflection of what actually happens at the Palais and on the Croisette. Considering our target, this is audacious, risky and exactly where we want to push our work." 



Designed to be an unofficial complement to Cannes Lions offerings, Cannes Meow won't be serving up the usual “festival at your fingertips” informational approach. Rather, the app’s news feeds will curate the "colorful human side" of the eight-day event -- streaming live Twitter responses, photos, and videos from festival-goers while providing news and “catty,” data-centric commentary. 

In addition to graphic leaderboards about the awards, the app will have four main content areas, “Hangover Hub,” “After Dark,” “Top Trending,” and “Meow.” Each area will provide users with lighthearted, entertaining real-life moments from Cannes.   

Content is said to cover everything from breaking news about who’s winning Lions to noteworthy statistics about the awards categories, frivolity and other elements. Content will include what to expect at Cannes, survival tips, trends, presenter facts, celebrity appearances, the best fashions, overheard gossip and, yawn, local weather. 

FCB/SIX is promoting Cannes Meow with a PR and social media campaign under the hashtags #CannesLions #CannesMeow to generate app downloads and pick-up in conversations about Cannes. The content on the new app will also be shared from FCB/SIX’s social channels including Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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