Lowe's Launches Online Video, 'House Love'

If you're a romantic who loves DIY projects, then you'll love Lowe's "House Love" video, running on social media. The 3-minute videobegins with a teenage boy watching his new neighbors move in. It's pretty boring — until he sees a cute teenage daughter in tow. Love at first sight.

His house and her house start "flirting" with one another: the blinds open up and appear to wink, the sprinkler turns on, the weather vane moves out of control, while the young boy times it so he'll walk his neighbor to school. Love blooms, the kids get married, have a child and settle into the home the boy grew up in.

As time goes by, the girl's childhood house sits on the market and begins to fall apart. The young family takes it upon themselves to spruce up the outside of the home and yard, and new owners move in with a child about the same age as their son. BBDO New York created the campaign.



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