Kantar Shopcom Adds Affinity Solutions Platform To Cloud Services

Shopcom, Kantar Worldpanel's addressable advertising analytics division, and Affinity Solutions, which provides purchase-driven marketing solutions, announced a partnership Tuesday to offer a twist on cross-screen media planning, targeting and closed-loop measurement from email to television across desktop and mobile.

In a move expected to increase the accuracy of ad targeting, the partnership means Shopcom clients can base decisions on data from about 4,000 banks and their consumers. Every debit and credit-card transaction will support the ad targeting.

The precision of the data attracted Shopcom to the partnership, said Jen Bukich, VP of strategic partnerships at Kantar Shopcom.

Kantar Millward Brown is the first agency to use the joint offering through Shopcom. It will allow clients to monitor live campaigns and better understand how consumers react to advertisements.

The data includes consumer names, credit-card numbers and each purchase, explains Amit Seth, president of Affinity Solutions.



The suite of tools allow marketers to build individual targeting, audience segments and measure returns, based on predictions made from the data. Predictions include what individuals will buy and what they will spend based on past transactions and behavior.

"My credit-card transaction history for the past five years will show I travel to India each winter to see my parents," Seth said. "Come the fourth quarter, my profile would be marked as someone intending international travel with a high spend dollar value, which is valuable for any airline to market to me."

The technology can also determine whether a specific store is gaining or losing market share. If the store is losing market share, it can tell the brand the stores gaining the share.

 In early tests, Affinity Solutions worked with a large home improvement national retailer that identified and targeted customers planning home renovations within 30 days and gained an increase in sales of nearly 87%.

With the partnership announcement, Affinity Solutions also launched its Purchase-Driven Marketing Cloud to identify purchase patterns online and offline. The integration aims to help advertisers predict how their budget will measure overall increases in sales and the impact on revenue from in stores and online.

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