Betabrand Increases Sales With Email Personalization

Betabrand increased email revenue by 16.7% after partnering with Sailthru to unify siloed data sources for personalized email outreach. 

Betabrand is a San Francisco-based apparel company that crowdsources product designs and funds. The retail company partnered with New York-based company Sailthru, a retail marketing personalization platform, to increase customer engagement and revenue with data-driven email campaigns.  

Sailthru first helped Betabrand unify siloed data sources into one accessible database, combining email, Web site and both real-time and historic purchase data.

Unifying this data to create a single customer view, Betabrand was then able to optimize its automated email marketing initiatives to deploy at optimal moments when consumers are most likely to engage. Betabrand personalized its triggered campaigns, such as cart abandonment emails, welcome email series and re-engagement campaigns, with personalized product recommendations predicted to be of interest to subscribers. 



Recommending personalized products helped Betabrand increase email engagement and revenue. The results padded Betabrand’s wallet, generating a 16.7% increase in email revenue, a 12.2% jump in overall purchases, and a 42% increase in repeat purchases per quarter

“With Sailthru, we have customer data, cross-channel personalization, testing, predictive analytics, and cohort analysis from one provider,” said Aaron Magness, CMO at Betabrand. “This saves us time and improves our operational efficiency vs. working with point solutions.”

Leveraging data to improve email marketing timing and content distinguishes top retailers from the rest of the pack, according to a recent study by email service provider dotmailer. The company’s report, Hitting the Mark, evaluated 100 online retail brands for marketing activities related to email and found that the top 10% dramatically outperform their competitors by leveraging customer data to personalize messaging.

The majority of online retailers missed revenue opportunities offered by email marketing automation initiatives, according to the report. Eighty-six percent of online retail brands deliver a welcome email when a new subscriber signs up, but only 40% of retail companies studies sent out abandoned cart reminder emails.


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