QwkBuy And SendGrid Partner On One-Step Email Shopping

QwkBuy, an enabler of cloud-based communications, has formed a partnership with SendGrid, an email delivery platform, to facilitate one-step shopping in response to emails, using smartphones.  

Consumers who want to buy through an email can tap a button on their mobile devices and will be brought to a landing page instead of “going to a website, then looking at a lot of extra steps,” said Bob Delamore, co-founder and EVP at QwkBuy.

This will help retailers in an environment where “75% of people abandon their carts,” he added. 

QwkBuy also enables consumers to buy products through, direct mail, billboards, television and print ads, using their smartphones. 

The ability to buy through emails will drive “customer engagement and business growth for email marketers,” added Elliot Goldwater, director of business development & partnerships at SendGrid, in a statement.

Delamore noted that consumers can buy from their phones in response to an email, and are not required to type in passwords or other information. QwkBuy maintains seven levels of authentication, based on location and other factors.



The security service is “the secret sauce” of the offering, Delamore added. 

He continued that “email is a very large canvas. You can have a video, a testimonial, a lot of information. Most of the people are ready to buy now. Why send them to a web site? Anything can happen: surveys, pop up advertising of other products.”

SendGrid drives digital conversations, sending over 1 billion emails per day to 1.7 billion unique email addresses per month, on behalf of over 50K paying customers from over 100 countries around the world, the company said.





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