B2B Marketers Hampered By Data Challenges, Study Finds

B2B marketers see data as a competitive advantage that could drive programmatic advertising and cross-channel promotions. But too few are using data management tools that would allow them to get to their data, according to "Mind The Data Gap," a study by Dun & Bradstreet, conducted by Adweek Branded.

The hurdles they face could hamper email marketing campaigns and other forms of advertising.

Of the 237 B2B marketers polled, 38% are sung CRM systems with advanced functions and 48% are conducting advanced web analytics.

But only 12% are utilizing customer data platforms (CDPs) with advanced capabilities. However, 33% are using rudimentary CDP systems and 22% have plans to deploy a CDP in the next 12 months.

In contrast, 24% have deployed data management platforms with advanced functions, and 28% have brought on advanced marketing automation platforms.

The biggest obstacles to data-driven marketing are:

  • Siloed or inaccessible customer data — 32%
  • Integration of marketing and sales platforms — 32% 
  • Incomplete customer data—30% 
  • Lack of data expertise — 30% 
  • Accuracy of audience data — 27%
  • Regulation of personal/audience data — 22%
  • Lack of internal data resources — 20% 
  • Unclear metrics — 18% 
  • Reliable third-party data sources — 17% 

In addition, not many firms are using account-based marketing to engage B2B clients. The major hurdles appear to be unclear ABM strategies (35%), lack of time/resources (31%) and lack o understanding about ABM (29%).

However, 40% of the respondents consider ABM extremely or very important, and 31% feel it is somewhat so.

The study shows that 61% plan to increase their programmatic ad spends, and 20% of those by over 25%. Of the respondents, 63% are buying or selling advertising programmatically.


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