Centro Basis Integrates With Microsoft Advertising For Paid-Search Campaign Management

Centro plans to announce an API integration with Microsoft Advertising to automate paid-search campaign management and reporting. Customers who also use Microsoft’s self-serve advertising platform can receive real-time performance data in Centro’s Basis platform.

Basis ingests delivery data, eliminating manual tasks and making the information available within minutes, said April Weeks, Centro’s EVP of media services and operations.

“It delivers performance data to optimize across channels, so marketers no longer need to look at different channels,” Weeks said, in order understand the campaign.

Marketers have direct access to the data when working in Basis, which integrates digital across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, powers 36.7% of U.S. desktop searches sand 11.7 billion monthly searches around the globe.In the U.S.

The Microsoft Search Network has 124 million unique searchers. Basis pulls together data from Microsoft Ads that is formatted to match a campaign’s analytics and reporting from other sites, channels, and vendors.

Centro has a similar integration with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Weeks said. There is also a similar one with Twitter, but the integration is a bit more manual.

Last year Centro integrated with LinkedIn to automate campaign performance reporting.

At the time, the API integration provided the first cross-channel ad-buying platform for both site-direct and programmatic campaigns to automatically pull in ad-spend data from Facebook, Google Search and then LinkedIn. 

Media buyers usually log in and out of multiple systems to find the data to plan how they will spend their budgets. Most media management systems and ad-buying platforms do not have automatically standardized data being imported via robust API integrations with major third-party ad servers.

Basis users do not have to log into third-party systems, locate campaign data, and download spreadsheet reports with dozens of line items.

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