Viral Nation Launches Cross-Platform Influencer Marketing Tool

Viral Nation, an influencer marketing network, has officially launched Influsoft, a software-as-a-service platform, to help identify and track activations around influencer marketing.

The platform combines analytics and campaign management tools to give marketers support for campaigns running in YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter. The platform launches with brand partners that include Activision Blizzard, Canon, Tencent, and Facebook Oculus.

“Our partners use the platform to consolidate digital and social marketing efforts into one location, so they gain transparency into how their vendors allocate budget and resources,” said Jonathan Chanti, CRO of Influsoft. “They also monitor their own brand channels to understand if they are reaching the correct people.”

Measurement features compare campaign performance with top performers, audience growth, views, impressions, likes, comments, shares, highest grade of granular video analytics on social platforms as well as click-through data, CPM calculators, and audience demographics. Influsoft also allows for integration with third-party related to e-commerce or apps.



Chanti said about understanding how different channels perform against their competitors and what influencers fit well with the brand. Once the influencer opts in, APIs can identify their audience to ensure they align with the brand’s demographics.

“Sometimes you go into a partnership with an influencer with a specific expectation and it doesn’t work out,” he said. “Rather than wait for the analysis at the end of the campaign, brands can make the decisions at the beginning of the campaign or in real time based on the data.”

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