Upwave Starts Automated CTV, Digital Data Integration For Google Campaign Manager

The growth of cross-channel media campaigns -- with more manual handling of connected TV and digital data -- has prompted ad-intelligence company Upwave (formerly Survata) to launch a new, automated integration into Google Campaign Manager.

Upwave says the manual process of entering metadata  -- which can include creative IDs, placement IDs, and publisher IDs -- into both campaign management and measurement software has become too time-consuming.

The company formerly known as Survata, started as consumer survey company compiling attitudinal data -- brand awareness and recall, among other data sets. Now it uses machine learning to model campaign performance on a daily basis.

While end-of the funnel business outcomes are of great importance to marketers, Chris Kelly, chief executive officer of Upwave, told Television News Daily there is a growing focus on top-of-the-funnel metrics for brand advertisers on rising CTV platforms -- including brand awareness and recall.



“You can’t only look at ‘Did the ad run and did it drive the sale?” It’s like saying "Did that football play at the one-yard line get into the end zone?' You don’t always start at the one-yard line.”

He adds: “We are bringing a performance lens to the top of the funnel where we are measuring longer-term impact.”

Upwave tracks billions of CTV, digital, and linear ad impressions every month and ingests an additional tens of billions of data points through partnerships.

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