Project X Unveils New Suite Of Client Tools, Rebranding

Out-of-home media agency Project X is rolling out a new suite of client tools that coincides with a brand makeover and a new partnership with first-party mobile data platform MFour.

The rollout began last year with the unveiling of a reporting and attribution dashboard. That’s one component of an evolving client portal that will include tools to activate each step of a campaign including strategy decks, buy grids, production reports, proof of performance, contracts and billing.

Project X CEO John Laramie says the rollout will continue through the first half of this year.

But a number of clients have already integrated first-party data into the suite to monitor sales lift market by market. “That’s something we believe will be massively critical as brands start to ramp up spending as cities re-open” post pandemic, says Laramie.



He’s reluctant to identify by name clients utilizing the first-party data tools in the portal but says one of them is a “"a large, publicly traded payments company.” The agency is working with a number of data providers to power its analytics platform including MFour and Geopath.

“We all know COVID changed a lot and its impact on OOH has been tremendous,” Laramie says. “Advertisers need speed and partners that use tech to be smarter, faster and more effective. I challenge every OOH advertiser to ask themselves if their current specialist’s technology is built for the future.”

The brand makeover work was done in-house and includes a refreshed look and new logo, a signal to the world, Laramie says that “coming out of 2020 we are moving forward.”


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