Nielsen One 'Currency' Expected In 2022, Some Components Appearing Now

Nielsen One -- Nielsen Holdings’ efforts of a single currency for linear TV and streaming and digital video -- looks to be ready for next year’s upfront market, but some elements will be used by marketers this year.

Speaking during its fourth-quarter earnings call in February, David Kenny, CEO of Nielsen Holdings, said: “It’s 2022 before you get to the point it's going to be a full and simple currency.”

“In terms of rating upfront contracts, that may be 2022 versus 2021. However, components are getting the U.S. right now in Q1 and certainly in May, as people kind of make commitments for the next year.”

He added: “They're clearly using the new generation of digital ad ratings. And that, being on the Nielsen ID, does allow some reconciliation.”

In the second half of the year, more components will be added -- including mobile, and for national TV “sub-minute” data.



Kenny addressed a question regarding growth of audience measurement revenue.

“Audience Measurement was as important or more important as they were working through COVID-19 ... Having the audience measurement connect to the outcomes measurement from a shared Nielsen ID, getting to the single platform, has really generated a lot of energy for the subscriptions we'll see on the buying side of the ad market,” he says.

For the most recent quarter, Nielsen revenues were up 2.5% to $863 million. During the period, Nielsen’s $2.4 billion sale of its Global Connect marketing-data business to Advent International closed. Proceeds will be used to pay off debt.

The company now primarily divides its business into "audience measurement” and “outcomes/content.”

Net income from continuing operations increased 89% to $106 million for the quarter. The company projects total 2021 net income to rise to $350 million to $380 million -- up from $203 million in 2020.

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