Gracenote Launches Entertainment Programming Measurement To Forecast TV, Movie Performance

Amid the explosive growth of connected TV (CTV)/linear TV/digital video-related programming -- TV shows and movies -- Nielsen’s Gracenote is launching a new tool to predict audiences for entertainment programming on all platforms.

Audience Predict will make forecasts by using Gracenote’s content metadata, as well as Nielsen audience-measurement data and advanced machine-learning technology.

It will analyze the relationships between a streaming service and TV network distribution to estimate potential audience size, audience composition, reach and viewing minutes under different distribution scenarios.

Audience Predict will factor program genre and how platform distribute episodes on a particular TV series -- for example, one at a time per week or an entire season worth of episodes. Show air dates and air times, as well as lead-in programming for linear content, will also be analyzed.



It will also help content creators find the best-performing streaming platforms or networks for content and develop program packages for target buyers.

Gracenote believes this will help with program acquisitions, renewals or cancellations for streaming and linear content distributors.

The company says Audience Predict will join a suite of other similar Gracenote products, such as what content creators might want to produce, whom to cast, and where to place programming to maximize audience reach and return on investment.

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