Infutor Adds Onboarding, Crosswalk Capability For 150 Million CTV Consumers

Consumer identity management company Infutor today introduced an update to its Identity Resolution services, including a new intellectual property used to securely link to IP associated with connected devices in households for targeted advertising.

The goal is to make it easier to reach and activate connected TV (CTV) ad campaigns. Two unnamed streaming services already use Infutor to activate CTV campaigns for their advertisers.

Zora Senat, Infutor CMO, said the company’s research and development team has been working on developing this feature from the start of Infutor’s R&D efforts. “It took over a year to get the algorithms optimized and to get the data embedded into our digital identity suite of products and services." 

As CTV viewership and advertisers' interest in reaching those viewers continues to rise, so does the need for improved data interoperability to create and target relevant viewing on connected television devices and its audiences.

“Most streaming and CTV operators have to work with multiple data providers to get first-party and device-level data matched to an authoritative offline dataset and onboarded for advertising activation,” he said.

Development of this feature was not easy.

"We looked into using other datasets, but the offline linking and the privacy compliance weren’t strong enough,” said Dylan Purse, Infutor director of product management. “We set out to develop the capability internally. The main challenge to overcome was the sheer amount of noise within the IP address signal set. It’s a vast many-to-many problem where a single consumer uses many IP addresses on any given day and many consumers use each IP address.”

Purse said homes with three teenagers in the house running on the same network may have hundreds of devices accessing one residential IP address in a 30-day period.

Infutor’s data science teams iterated through multiple filtering and linking algorithms to optimize the ability to pinpoint IP Address linkage to privacy-compliant identities.

The idea is for marketers to achieve digital identity resolution and cross-device resolution to deliver consistent omnichannel messaging. Infutor’s consumer identity management solutions claims to provide access to supplemental privacy-compliant behavioral and household attributes on 266 million U.S. consumers across 120 million households.

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