Spotify Launches In-App Clickable Podcast Ads

Spotify has introduced a podcast advertising feature designed to turn awareness into action. The company calls it call-to-action (CTA) cards.

The ad unit launched on Spotify original and exclusive podcasts on Thursday for U.S. advertisers.

The new ad experience features the ability to customize text. It also has bold visuals and clickable call-to-action prompts such as “Shop Now.”

“We know that consumers are largely multitasking at all times,” Christine White, head of content, social and media at Ulta Beauty told Spotify. "As we think about advertising experiences, we have to look for ways to engage consumers in the moment.”

In addition to Ulta Beauty, Spotify partnered with dozens of businesses like Squarespace, McDonald’s, and Athletic Greens to test the feature.



CTA cards are powered by Spotify’s Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) ad technology, and will serve up while ads play and after ads have been heard. They give advertisers “visual real estate” across the Spotify app, and only appear for listeners who already heard the brand’s podcast ad.

Along with a display image to show off the product, service, or brand advertised, the CTA cards allow users to tap a link and visit the brand’s site, see the app, and more.

Once a listener hears the podcast ad, corresponding CTA cards will appear in relevant places to where the ad was originally heard – like the podcast episode page or show page.

Advertisers also can see impression-level campaign performance and insights, and use Spotify's suite of measurement solutions to understand the impact on brand awareness and online conversions.

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