Comscore Kicks Off Single-Source Measurement Service, Joins WarnerMedia Efforts

Comscore is launching Comscore Everywhere, a single-source unified cross-platform measurement service.

This comes as Comscore continues to work specifically with other media networks and companies -- NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, for example -- in finding new measurement alternatives.

One recent addition is an association with WarnerMedia, according to one report.

Comscore says its new Everywhere service will offer deduplicated analysis of media consumption and audiences across media and screens. The Everywhere product supplies a common comparable “audience definition” across media and screens.

Comscore culls data from a big measurement footprint: 75 million TV screens and 100 million total video-on-demand services.

In addition, it has access to 130 million over-the-top devices, 158 desktop screens and 235 mobile phones and tablets.



The company says it builds on Comscore Campaign Ratings, which measure deduplicated reach and frequency across linear TV, CTV and digital. Last year, Comscore launched Comscore TV, a national and local TV measurement product.

Also in 2021, Comscore offered measurement of deduplicated advertising campaigns on YouTube and YouTube TV.

Comscore Consumer Intelligence was expanded to all 210 local markets to deliver consumer retail visitation and online shopping data tied to TV and digital viewing behavior for local markets.

WarnerMedia will be working with Comscore, iSpot.TV and VideoAmp in developing new currencies for selling advertising.

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