Consumers Are Abandoning Carts Even After They Get To Checkout, Study Finds

Research shows that 70% of shoppers abandon their online shopping cart before making it to checkout.  

Marketers would do well to revise their triggered recapture emails. In fact, 48% of consumers are abandoning even after they reach checkout. And on mobile, that hits 58%, according to The Checkout Benchmark, a study by Bold Commerce. 

One reason is that shoppers often need to edit details such as delivery, shipping, and quantity during checkout, and drop off when they are unable to. Mobile shoppers who make it all the way through are 41% more likely to review or edit their details. 

Another problem is the way pages convert on different devices. Single-page checkouts covert at a 48.4% rate across devices, versus 47.5% for multi-page checkouts—close to identical. 

But on mobile specifically, single-page scrolling checkouts complete at a 41.6% rate, while progressive multi-page checkouts convert at 44.7%. 

Then there’s shipping. Checkout completion totals 56% on desktop with zero shipping fees, and 45% via mobile. But checkout completion falls by 6% on desktop and nearly 4% on mobile when shipping fees increase by 10%.  

The study also found that PayPal is the digital payment choice for 38.7% of all orders

The analysis is based on data from 3 million checkout sessions, generating $138M in revenue across 80+ retailers.


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  1. PJ Lehrer from NYU, January 17, 2022 at 12:21 p.m.

    These are all very rational reasons for cart abandonment.  But, all decisions are emotional.  Perhaps the real issue is that they never intended to buy these items in the first place.  More here...

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