SiriusXM Unveils New 'ID' For Targeting Premium Audio Listeners

SXM Media, a SiriusXM company, on Monday introduced AudioID powered by AdsWizz, a digital audio programmatic advertising platform that gives marketers new avenues to reach, target and connect with consumers. 

AdsWizz was acquired by SiriusXM in 2018 for $145 million.

Coming off of a record year, John Trimble, chief revenue officer, SiriusXM, believes the company is taking another “giant leap forward” with the introduction of AudioID.

“With this new identity solution from AdsWizz, we’ll be able to create better experiences for listeners, greater value for creators and publishers, and even more impact for marketers,” he said.

AudioID is SiriusXM’s most recent investment in audio ad technology and solutions to make advertising across satellite radio, streaming music, and podcasts as simple as pressing play or turning the dial. 

Podcast ad spending reached $160 million in Q4 2021, according to data from MediaRadar, which estimates 104 million Americans now listen to podcasts regularly.

AudioID is intended for marketers looking to expand beyond television, supporting all types of audio media, like podcasts. From in-car to at home to mobile, the company says, its goal is to make premium audio advertising intelligent, accessible, and impactful for listeners and marketers. 

The data will enable advertisers to gain a better understanding of the media they should buy.

The technology supports an algorithm that accepts and matches a variety of consented listener signals and inputs, then weighs them accordingly. The “identity solution” responds to ad requests by finding or creating unique, anonymized AudioIDs. These IDs can then be tapped into for everything from reach and forecasting to frequency capping, advanced first-party targeting, enhanced measurement, and more.

AudioID’s U.S.-based identity offering lives within SXM Media. The product leverages datasets across the tens of millions of known Pandora, SiriusXM, and Stitcher listeners, matching them to create AudioIDs.

It relies on zero-party data, data from choices that listeners and subscribers make across the company’s platforms. The goal is to provide a better ad experience for consumers, marketers, and publishers, tapping into listener behavior and preferences in a way that supports the future of identity safety while helping marketers achieve their goals.

AudioID will extend SXM Media’s first-party audience targeting to opted-in, off-platform parties across AdsWizz beginning later in 2022, giving marketers and publishers in the U.S. access to better data and targeting across their audio investment.

The company said the technology is based on an anonymized identity solution that protects consumer privacy. Publishers and marketers maintain control of their data resources.


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