Jebbit Receives $70M In Funding To Help Build Zero-Party Data Services For Brands

Jebbit, which helps companies collect zero-party data, recently received a $70 million strategic growth investment from Vista Equity Partners.

Tom Coburn, CEO at Jebbit, co-founded the company about 10 years ago while in college. During the first nine years, Jebbit raised about $20 million in funding. Jebbit doesn’t build the core infrastructure of the tech stack or marketing automation platform for companies. It provides a creative platform that allows marketers to build, without touching a line of code, create interactive experiences.  

The company calls it a “no-code platform” that enables marketers to build interactive product and personality quizzes, lookbooks, trivia, lead generation forms and more that collect zero-party and first-party data.

It’s a way to capture leads and data. Brands concerned with changes Apple made with Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) can benefit from this type of data collection, Coburn said. “Think also about what might happen with Google” and the introduction of Topics, which focused on interest-based targeting.

Last week, Google announced it will replace Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) with Topics.

The Topics API will determine and select topics of interest based on the user’s previous three weeks of browsing history. It will not use external servers, and will share those topics with participating sites.

Jebbit also announced a record-breaking year of growth. The company double its revenue, team and increase new business 300% during the past year. The investment from Vista will allow Jebbit to accelerate expansion across product development, and marketing and sales to better serve the demand created by global regulatory and vendor privacy changes.

Jebbit will expand its sales channels to add referral partners, following more than 100 partnerships and integrations such as in the SAP Store, Shopify, Klaviyo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Qualtrics.

Vista’s Endeavor Fund, which provides growth capital and strategic support, led the investment.

Rachel Arnold, co-head of Vista’s Endeavor Fund and senior managing director, believes the Jebbit platform proved effective at driving engagement, lead capture and conversion through its many forms of configurable consumer experiences for marketers.

Existing Jebbit investors K1 Investment Management and Manifest Growth will remain investors in the company and continue to be actively involved in the business. Additional financial details of the investment were not disclosed.


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