Yahoo Offers 'ID-Less' Targeting Tool Via The Web

Yahoo is rolling out an “ID-less” targeting tool that it says allows brands to serve relevant ads to consumers while maintaining their privacy. 

The new offering, Next-Gen Solutions for web, uses machine learning and data signals to provide omnichannel targeting and buying across non-addressable inventory in the YahooDSP.

The goal is to help brands respect consumer preferences and “create a better value exchange, maintain advertiser and publisher relevance and reach, and support a thriving open web ecosystem,” states Iván Markman, chief business officer at Yahoo. 

The product was launched for in-app environments in summer 2021, and is now available across the web for publishers that have adopted Yahoo ConnectID in North America and APAC.  

Next-Gen Solutions considers a mix of data signals received on a bid request, including content, weather, device type and time. 

Yahoo ConnectID is integrated with Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)’s “Audience Matched Advertising Opt-Out” platform, allowing consumers to opt-out from Yahoo ConnectID with their email address, Yahoo says. 

The company says ConnectID is used by 12,000 publisher domains, including BuzzFeed, The Arena Group (formerly Maven), CafeMedia, Chegg, and Newsweek. 

Yahoo notes that the ad ecosystem is moving away from browser cookies and app advertising IDs. Advertisers and publishers need new ways of providing consumers with relevant content and offers. 

Several publishers appear ready to sign on.  

“Adopting Yahoo ConnectID has proved to be a great move toward a more privacy-conscious and efficient spend for advertisers, while enabling our publishers to receive maximum value from their audiences,” states Paul Bannister, chief strategy officer at CafeMedia. 

Bannister continues, “Now, in combination with Next-Gen Solutions, we’re able to continue to keep privacy at the forefront and support successful advertising campaigns for advertisers and publishers.”

"Yahoo is providing a unique purview in deciphering the future signals of advertising,” adds James Kanak, associate director, digital activation at OMD.  “They are delivering key insights into various actions, including CPM variance between addressable and non-addressable inventory."



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