Indeed Partners With Insider To Create Interactive Hub For SMBs

The global hiring platform Indeed is partnering with news media site Insider to launch an interactive editorial hub for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) looking to improve their process for hiring and supporting employees.

The website, Talent Insider, highlights industry news and trends, virtual events led by hiring experts, with a video series hosted by athlete Gabrielle Reece, a hands-on mentorship program for a select group of small businesses, and other resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The video series will spotlight one small business, exploring its hiring journey in real-time, and exploring challenges faced along the way with insights into how to overcome them.

“The changing landscape of hiring with the effects of the economy and COVID, and changing expectations of job seekers are important,” says Judy Nam, vice president of SMB marketing at Indeed, and working as one of the mentors. “Also, the speed of hiring, the urgency and need for help managing basic business operations.”

Nam said her father immigrated from South Korea with $20 in his pocket. One of the first businesses he opened was a store that sold wigs in the 1970s, and after this he managed small businesses such as grocery stores and fast-food restaurants.  

Talent Insider’s editorial content will focus on how to recruit employees in today’s challenging marketplace, combining the industry knowledge and resources of Indeed with the news expertise of Insider.

Emily Canal, editor of Talent Insider is also senior editor of entrepreneurship and careers at Insider, believes hiring has become one of the most difficult challenges.

With a goal to reduce that stat, Nam said 60% of small businesses say the ability to find quality talent is a barrier to hiring. Some 38% of small businesses said time, or lack of it, also is a barrier to managing the end-to-end hiring process.  

Indeed, which Nam described as an “extremely data driven company,” continually uses data from its site to support the hundreds of thousands of businesses using its site daily. Teams that manage the company’s search engine optimization (SEO) helps to develop content based on keywords searched for on the site. There’s reporting and statistics on how many applications companies get, along with what works and what doesn’t.

Insider is not the only company has partnered with of late. Indeed also announced partnerships with Goodwill, which announced a Ready to Work program, and Cronofy to offer a video interview platform.

Indeed has more than 250 million unique visitors worldwide to its website monthly, and sites in more than 60 countries. The aim, the company says, is to provide a “first-class interview experience” for hiring managers and perspective employees. More than 3.7 million interviews have been hosted on the site.

“Hiring is continually changing and complex process,” she said. “The needs and expectations also continually change, not just for employees, but also for businesses.”


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