Agency Forms AI Marketing Lab Think Tank

Aimclear, an independent tech and digital marketing agency, has created a marketing lab and think tank focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI Marketing Lab within the agency will focus on research to track emerging AI capabilities and platforms. The company also will build hackathon-style tools for rapid implementation in marketing processes. 

Aimclear founder Marty Weintraub said in an earlier conversation with Search & Performance Marketing Daily that he was less concerned about marketers losing their jobs to AI and more concerned about them losing their jobs to marketers who know how to use AI.

Weintraub will take the lead of the AI-focused think tank. “We're tapping the firehose of daily AI news and auto extracting relevant news that contains prompts and other inputs, into an engine that drives a prompt database for our team, making every teammate a prompt engineer via an intensive, searchable database,” he wrote in an email. 

He believes the AI Marketing Lab will drive innovation for clients and the industry through intensive study and deep analysis of emerging technologies.

Weintraub's team will build what he calls “a marketing AI news content extraction engine that indexes and warehouses content.” The content is flows from a “daily fire hose” of information.

The company has also launched, an app with an advanced search user interface that enables marketers and researchers to poll prompts populated from the self-learning news engine. It also enables users to inject prompts directly into OpenAI’s technology, ChatGPT-4, and other emerging prompt-based platforms.

While many U.S. states show an increase in people searching for AI-related terms on Google, a new study from YACSS, a web-based cloud stacking software company, shows residents and businesses in Utah are most likely to use AI.

YACSS developers analyzed Google search terms to determine the keywords most frequently used by people interested in AI during the past 12 months. These terms were combined to find each state's average monthly search volume for AI-related terms per 100,000 people and each state's most common uses.  

Utah is the state most likely to use AI, with 202.9 searches per 100,000 people for AI and AI-related tools.

These tools are used the most for art, followed by technology that generates the human voice for games and films. The third-most popular use for AI in Utah is for music, animation, and resume writing.

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