Instacart, Roku Partnership Pairs Online Groceries With TV Streaming

Instacart and Roku announced a partnership Wednesday that supports consumer-packaged goods (CPG) advertisers by combining retail media with streaming TV ads to improve performance.

The new capability represents Instacart’s first TV streaming measurement partnership and will offer advertisers consumer purchase insights from its marketplace.

The partnership is open to CPG brands that are active advertisers on Roku or looking to run a campaign on TV streaming platform. It aims to accelerate the shift of ad dollars into streaming TV and retail media by combining viewership data from Roku and insights from Instacart.

Combining data from both companies makes TV advertising more relevant and performance-driven.

By matching Roku first-party data with Instacart transaction data, Instacart will provide insights that can help marketers quantify the impact of TV streaming advertising on product sales and improve future streaming TV advertising campaigns.

The partnership measures the impact of TV streaming advertising on product sales on Instacart.

CPG brands that are leveraging the partnership will receive insights from Instacart based on purchase behavior after seeing the brand’s ad campaign on Roku and buying the product on Instacart, according to a Roku spokesperson.

Early results across select pilot projects showed that people who saw the ad on Roku purchased more of the advertised products on Instacart.

For example, in a pilot with a personal care brand, 60% of those who purchased the brand after seeing its campaign on the Roku platform were new to the brand. 

Those consumers exposed to a beverage brand’s Roku campaign and who were new purchasers of the brand had a 70% higher repeat rate than the average new-to-the-beverage-brand buyer on Instacart, which was based on results of a pilot campaign measured between January and December 2022.

Instacart’s Marketplace features more than 1,100 retail banners and more than 80,000 stores in North America.

The partnership allows for advertisers to use anonymized, purchase insights from consumers shopping on Instacart after seeing the brand’s ad campaign on Roku. 

Following its partnership with Microsoft to support search and TV streaming ads and measurement, the partnership with Instacart expands Roku’s efforts to partner with commerce and retail to provide full-funnel solutions for greater accountability.

With the addition of Instacart, advertisers can access even more ecommerce data from grocers and drug stores, alcoholic beverages, apparel, beauty, home and office, and pet care products. 

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