Dish Media Blends CTV, Linear TV Ads Programmatically, Extends Ad Reach

Looking to solve challenges that marketers face in getting extended reach, Dish Media says advertisers can now buy live, linear TV inventory programmatically on its satellite operations -- a “first-of-its-kind” solution -- that can be added to virtual pay TV Sling TV inventory.

The company says marketers can get real-time, targeted Dish Network commercials through internet-connected Dish set-top boxes -- much the same way they can buy internet/digital connected TV campaigns on its virtual pay TV provider, Sling TV.

In a release, Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of Dish Media, its advertising sales operation, says its ‘Dish Connected’ operation can blend CTV and linear TV addressable TV inventory through an automated/programmatic platform -- a technology that can resolve traditional TV’s “inefficiencies.”

Marketers can now buy Dish set-top box inventory programmatically through private auctions from demand-side platforms (DSPs) such as The Trade Desk and Yahoo DSP, as well as the sell-side platform (SSP) Magnite.

Verna De Jesus, vice president of CTV for The Trade Desk, says media buyers can use additional advanced data “including a brand’s first-party data.”



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